Green transport set to overtake cars in world’s major cities

LONDON: From public transport to cycling, sustainable transport is on course to overtake driving in the world’s biggest cities within a decade, according to a study released on Monday. Private car trips will drop by 10% on average by 2030 to make up less than half of all city journeys, while public transport, walking and […]

Shipping Rates Plunge: Commodities, Stocks Could Follow

Chris Vermeulen An almost immediate reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak in China and throughout most of the world has sent shock waves through the global markets – particularly seen in shipping and oil. The actions within China to attempt to contain the virus spread include shutting down entire cities and setting up mass quarantine events. […]

Bankrupt Celadon accuses recovery company of illegally seizing equipment

Celadon alleges Triangle Recovery Services is holding some of its assets for ransom after the repo company offered cash rewards for locations of the bankrupt company’s abandoned trucks and trailers. A North Carolina towing and repossession company is accused of holding equipment belonging to bankrupt Celadon Truck Group for ransom. The complaint alleges that Triangle Recovery […]