The importance of Obtaining Quotes from Reputable Auto Transport Carriers

Auto transport is something that eludes many people; after all, most people figure that the only way to get their vehicle to a new location when they move is to drive it themselves. The fact is, driving your vehicle a long distance is not only recognized as being a bad idea (considering the danger that you […]

College Packing List

Qualified college & dorm shipping transporters are waiting to bid on your business

When it comes time to go to college, many people find that their nervousness often overpowers their excitement. Going off to college should be an enjoyable, memorable time, yet poor planning and tense nerves often make it more difficult that it’s worth. College moving or dorm moving shouldn’t be too overwhelming. One of the key aspects of transitioning into […]

What’s next for trucking industry? Many truckers not only looking for freight to haul, but masks and even lunch

Julio Diaz was filling up at an Aurora truck stop when he got a lunchtime surprise: a boxed lunch, a face mask and a thank you for keeping the country’s food and other items rolling during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the weekend, Diaz was one of 30 drivers at the Pilot Flying J travel center […]

Student truck drivers in limbo despite surge in shipping demands

Student truck drivers in limbo despite surge in shipping demands

By: Amanda Brandeis Posted at 2:54 PM, Apr 17, 2020 As the nation’s economy slows, the trucking industry is busier than ever delivering goods and keeping shelves stocked. But with State Drivers License Agencies closed in more than 20 states, students are stuck in a holding pattern. “Truck drivers or bus drivers aren’t produced overnight; it takes […]

20 SUVs with the Best Tow Ratings, Ranked Lowest to Highest

20 SUVs with the Best Tow Ratings, Ranked Lowest to Highest Towing and hauling. It’s what pickup trucks are for. But SUVs, and sometimes crossovers, can literally pull their own weight, too. There’s a whole slew of vehicles that didn’t make this list, many of them coming in the 5,000-pound towing range. Our list starts at 7,275 pounds and goes up from there. If you’re […]

Cars to Ship and Travel Across the Country

Cars to Ship and Travel Across the Country

Cars and autos need to be transferred into a different place of the country can now be shipped through Motherload. This quality and inexpensive shipment of Motherload can solve issues of the difficulty and unreasonable expenses of shipping cars without proper planning. It helps individuals to be well-guided for the processes and details of transporting […]

Breaking News: Truckers block interstate 610 in Houston to protest low rates

Breaking News Truckers block interstate 610 in Houston to protest low rates

A group of over 100 truckers have partially blocked interstate 610 near exit 25 in Houston protesting low rates according to multiple sources. Little detail is known at the moment as the majority of the speakers are talking in Spanish on the videos available. It appears police are on site and are working to clear […]

Understanding the Different LTL Carrier Types

LTL Carrier

The term LTL freight refers to shipping “less than load,” i.e. shipping goods that do not occupy an entire truckload. As a result, an LTL carrier may ship items from many vendors in the same truck. LTL is contrasted with FTL (full truckload), also know as TL (truckload), in which a shipper has purchased the capacity […]

FINALLY: Uber Freight: in-app load bidding for carriers

Uber Freight introduces in-app load bidding for carriers

Although this takes a play right out of Motherloads App, Uber Freight is pushing hard to keep business. It may be too late though. Uber Freight has announced that it will introduce in-app bidding within its digital freight marketplace, enabling carriers and drivers to book their next load with the touch of a button. This feature […]

2020 will be a losing year for earnings growth in trucking and most industries around the world per XPO Logistics CEO

XPO Logistics founder and CEO Bradley Jacobs is never one to beat around the bush. And he sure held true to that standard in his new annual shareholder letter out Thursday morning. “Things are difficult right now and they’ll get worse in the short-term. Then they’ll get much, much better. That’s what I see for […]

Freight transport industry will suffer due to Coronavirus, Moody’s report says

Freight transport industry will suffer due to Coronavirus

According to Moody’s Investors Service, the freight transport industry will suffer supply chain disruptions due to the Coronavirus, ultimately affecting the intermodal business of railroads and truck carriers. In a March 16 report, Moody’s says auto suppliers and the transportation industry lands in the “high exposure” category of Moody’s Coronavirus heat map, indicating potential near-term implications […]

Souping up the Trans-Canada highway with ultra-fast EV chargers

If Canada is going to meet its ZEV sales targets, it needs to put ultra-fast Trans-Canada charging network in top gear with ultra-fast EV chargers We asked Canada’s thought leaders to weigh in with ideas for how the government should spend stimulus money as part of a Green Recovery. To read the entire report series, […]

Simple Ways to Avoid Freight Damage and Loss Claims

No one needs their shipment damaged or lost during travel. Shippers need dependable transportation choices when sending their freight from direct A toward point B. Find a couple of simple approaches to stay away from cargo damage and misfortune and have piece of mind knowing your shipment will arrive safely. Sharing Trailer Space In the […]

How will LTL carriers overcome the pitfalls of COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only flipped the script on this year’s freight market projections but has altered the lives of most Americans, who find themselves sheltered at home. Donna Kintop, senior vice president of Client Experience, North America, at DDC FPO (of The DDC Group), said that although the coronavirus has devastated the freight landscape, the […]