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The Importance of Obtaining Quotes from Reputable Transport Carriers

In order for a craft to be property prepared for shipment, the owner must make sure that it is properly prepared, either by himself or by a boat yard. It is best to include the yard on the prep check. First, be sure that all loose gear is stowed properly, since it can pose a danger to people on the highway as debris as well as to the boat. Secure all gear and equipment within the cabin and lock the cabin door. Note that you do not need to give the driver a key to the cabin, as they should have no reason to enter.

Next, be sure that you have completely emptied your vehicle’s tanks of fuel and water. You can help ensure that your boat is devoid of liquids by removing any drag plugs from your craft’s hull. While this may not seem important, boat transportation can not take place unless all liquids have been drained and/or removed. Also remove any batteries and secure them with you on land, rather than transporting them with the ship.

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