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For Trucks Like Tesla Cybertruck, Hummer Pickup, Towing Can Kill Range

Will towing significantly reduce the range of the Tesla Cybertruck, Hummer electric pickup, Rivian R1T, Nikola Badger or any of the other upcoming electric pickup trucks from the likes of Ford, General Motors, Bollinger and other? The answer is a solid “yes” and the drop can be substantial, but gas/diesel trucks suffer from this too. Though our focus here is on electric cars, trucks and […]

Tesla is trying to change law that would make its electric semi truck popular in Europe

Tesla is reportedly trying to get approval for electric trucks to get around a Sunday and holiday ban for semi truck travel in Europe, which would give a significant boost to commercial electric trucks, like the Tesla Semi. In several European countries, there’s a ban of vehicles with a legal maximum weight exceeding 7.5 tons […]

Tesla is clearing a path for the Semi in Germany and the rest of Europe: report

Tesla is urging the German government to lift a ban on Sundays and holidays for electric trucks, according to a report. Recent reports from Germany indicated that a delegation from the electric vehicle manufacturer recently met with Steffen Bilger, the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) to discuss the abolition of the ban […]

San Antonio-area industrial-vehicle maker gets new life, lands $62M Marine Corps contract

A couple of years ago, Cibolo’s Kalmar RT Center LLC was part of a European conglomerate that no longer wanted to own it. Kalmar had been producing each month a dozen 118,000-pound rough terrain vehicles that can move shipping containers on unpaved surfaces. But that business had virtually disappeared. The U.S. military no longer needed […]

Global shipping has been hit by the coronavirus. Now goods are getting stranded

The arteries of global trade are clogging up. Shipping companies that carry goods from China to the rest of the world say they are reducing the number of seaborne vessels, as measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus crimp demand for their services and threaten to disrupt global supply chains. About 80% of world goods trade […]

project44 Promotes Freight Visibility In USMCA Era

Now that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has been approved in the U.S., freight-tech industry officials said key partnerships and gaining transparency across the complete value chain are more important than ever. Tommy Barnes, head of global network partnerships at project44, said in an interview with FreightWaves that the company “allows carriers to have tremendous speed […]

Auto Expert Says Tesla Semi Is “Pointless,” Seems To Miss The Point

Markus Lienkamp is the chair of Automotive Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. It seems that would make him a full blown auto expert (hence the title). Lienkamp told Business Insider that, “The battery for a Tesla Semi must have a capacity of about 1,000 kWh per 100 kilometers, about 130 kWh.” He adds that “this […]

From Hummer to Tesla: Breaking down the electric truck battle

There’s a pickup war coming, and it’s going to be electric. Inspired by the success of Tesla’s performance brand, an army of American startups — and one very large legacy automaker — will roll out five battery-powered trucks over the next two years. Although we’ve seen only prototypes, sketches and teaser photos of the five […]

Steering wheel saves driver after steel beam crashes through windshield

A suburban Detroit man has the steering wheel of his box truck to thank for stopping a steel beam that came loose from a flatbed truck and impaled the windshield of his vehicle, shattering the glass and stopping mere inches from his chest. Johnnie Lowe, 49, was driving the truck on Interstate 96 to Lansing on Thursday […]


Autonomous Trucks and Buses market report: A rundown The Autonomous Trucks and Buses market’s business intelligence report extensively offers a summary of vital factors including the product classification, critical explanation, and other industry-connected data. The report also encloses the crucial aspects connected with the recent events such as new product launches, mergers & acquisitions, and […]

Tesla Launches Semi Electric Truck Winter Tests

The prototype of the Semi electric tractor – one of two built specimens – was first seen outside the United States, in Canada. Judging by the movements of the trailer, Tesla engineers drove the tractor for winter tests in Alaska. Tesla announced Semi in 2017, and at the same time promised that the model’s carrying capacity will […]

Joaquin Phoenix reportedly hits paramedics’ truck in West Hollywood

Joaquin Phoenix reportedly hit a Los Angeles Hearth Division automobile in West Hollywood, however happily, everybody was OK. The “Joker” star, 44, took too slender a flip and his Tesla struck the unoccupied truck on Tuesday afternoon, TMZ reported. Phoenix pulled over and situated the paramedics and defined to them what occurred. They known as […]

Volvo Trucks North America demonstrates pilot electric VNR models; Volvo LIGHTS

Volvo Trucks North America offered a first look at its Class 8 battery-electric project trucks during an exclusive event at TEC Equipment dealership in Fontana, California. The Volvo Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions (LIGHTS) Innovation Showcase, held at Volvo Trucks’ TEC Equipment dealership’s Fontana location, revealed the progress that has been achieved since the announcement of […]

Security guard shoots trucker over truck stop parking spot, police say

The trucking industry’s tensions over adequate parking can be seen as a backdrop to an incident Friday in Oklahoma that left a truck driver in the hospital after being shot by a security guard at a truck stop. According to several local news reports, the incident took place at a TA Truck Center in Oklahoma […]

Seriously: Amazon patent reveals plan to launch packages into Earth orbit using a 500 mile-long ‘whip’

Amazon’s new patent describes a new way of delivering packages It describes a massive marine vehicle with a cable attached to it The cable would ‘whip’ packages or satellites into Earth’s low-orbit It also describes launching drones with packages out on their delivery path Amazon could be developing a new shipping method that is out-of-this-world. […]

Audi E-Tron Proves Electric Cars Are Not Built For Towing

FEB 14, 2020 BY KARL FURLONG  TOWING Don’t expect to go much further than 100 miles on a single charge. Electric vehicles and towing have never really been friendly companions. Despite vastly more capable EVs and something like the Tesla Model X being capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds, many EVs aren’t rated to tow anything at all, […]

Believe it or Not: February 14, 2020

Ride-sharing renegade An Uber driver in Virginia, U.S. has been charged after attempting to chase down someone who hit his car⁠—without letting his passengers out first. Local police charged Olufemi S. Olomola with two counts of abduction, reckless driving and a felony hit and run. The incident in question occurred on Monday when John Murray and […]