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motherload coronavirus covid 19 update

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) now being felt across every aspect of daily life – including logistics supply chains around the world – the safety of Motherload shippers, carriers, and employees continues to be our top priority daily. To ensure the health and safety of our community, the Motherload staff is currently conducting all business functions […]

The loneliest road trip: I drove across the country during coronavirus. Here’s what I saw.

By Chris Quintana USA TODAY Posted Apr 14, 2020 at 11:09 AM  It takes about 75 steps to walk from the entry of my studio apartment to the back of the bathroom. That’s the farthest I could possibly walk indoors. I know because I must have made the trek thousands of times trying to hit my smartwatch’s step goal […]

Why Using Verified and Legal Transporters is the Only Way to Ship

We have see absolute horror stories of people using load matching websites and having items stolen, never picked up or help hostage. Below are some stories we gleaned online to show you the reason why Motherload only offers vetted, legal and insured transporters to move shipments. The reports below are not published by us but […]

Trucking spot markets are pricing in coronavirus infection rates

Trucking spot markets are pricing in coronavirus infection rates

Truckload carriers are charging more to drive into regions of the United States with high coronavirus infection rates. Trucking spot markets – ad hoc, same-day and next-day transactions to move freight – are extremely sensitive to exogenous factors, reacting within days to hurricane forecasts, labor disputes or untimely harvests. But this is the first time […]

William Benfer at 24/7 Tow accused of illegal towing caught on camera in KC during Chiefs victory parade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A bad tow truck company exposed by FOX4’s Problem Solvers is back at the game of unsolicited towing. This time, an illegal tow was caught on camera. A Kansas City woman did her own detective work to uncover the unsolicited tow that happened to her, and now she wants to warn […]

Don’t let loss control visits catch you off-guard

Before a motor carrier can receive a quote for commercial insurance, some insurance companies will often request a loss control visit to get to know the carrier and assess its risk—especially those with larger fleet sizes. Insurance carriers use loss control data for underwriting purposes to prescreen potential customers and to advise existing ones on ways to improve […]