OOIDA cares more about DAT than the truckers that pay for memberships. Are you being scammed?

Below is the correspondence with OOIDA to help truckers make more money and stave off closing their doors. It seems that any owner operator/independent driver is paying for nothing other than newsletters.

Motherload will be looking into offering something for OO/ID that helps them directly versus paying an annual membership to an advertising company disguised as a company that “will continue to fight for our members’ best interests in new and more powerful ways“. Forgive me for saying but a business that has been around for over 30 years and still has not done this needs to change their motto.

First Email:

Mr. Watkins,

I wanted to see if you or another OOIDA employee would have time to talk with our company president of Motherload.  We recently launched an app that connects shippers and truckers without any middleman dictating rates. We know in this trying time, owner operators and small trucking firms are feeling the pinch of lower freight volumes as well as brokers offering rates per mile that are honestly insulting.

Our app is designed to allow shippers and transporters to negotiate rates that are still competitive but operationally profitable for the transporters. Eliminating the middleman and still allow buffer the shipper from annoying calls and emails from brokers/transporters. Simplifying the process of load management is our foundation and we are 1000% trucker focused.

Our end goal is OOIDA signing off on our business model as an additional solution for your members to find freight and be able to price accordingly and earn their worth and informing your members of this option. I look forward to your response and if by chance you are not the proper company representative, please reply with their contact information so I am reach out them as well. We look forward to your help correcting this fractured and at times, unfair industry.

OOIDA Reply Email:

Hi Terry,

I’m going to forward your email to our marketing department,
Thanks, Dale

Our Reply Email:

Thanks Dale. Hopefully we can help truckers make more and stay in business.

OOIDA Final Email:

Good morning Terry,
Thank you for your interest in OOIDA. We’ve had a long standing partnership with DAT that is exclusive, therefore we wouldn’t be interested in adding another option at this time.
We appreciate you reaching out.

Nikki Johnson
Marketing Department | Supervisor
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association
nikki_johnson@ooida.com | 816-229-5791 | Ext. 1609
T: 800-444-5791 | F: 816-427-4468
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