15 Craziest Modified Minivans That Are Anything But Boring

15 Craziest Modified Minivans That Are Anything But Boring

Plenty of boring cars are given second lives as thrill-seeking machines when modified by the right people, and minivans are no exception!

There’s not a whole lot to love about Minivans. Designed with the purpose of hauling as many people in a compact platform, and not a whole lot else, minivans are as boring as any 4 wheeled vehicles can get. Although the family-oriented minivans are comfortable, spacious, and reliable, none of that is by any means what you’d call exciting.But you can’t really fault minivans for being boring, that’s their job. And it’s a job they’ve done exceptionally well, leading to minivan’s growing in popularity to the point where today, seeing a minivan tells you exactly what the driver was looking for out of their vehicle: maximum people-moving efficiency.

On the same note, plenty of boring cars are given second lives as thrill-seeking machines when modified by the right people, minivans are no exception. From tire-shredding burnout machines to legitimate race cars, and every bit of insanity in between, minivans have been given just as much modified love as cars have.

So read on, to see 15 of the most insane minivans modified into something that no one would dare call boring:


15BoostedBoiz Honda Odyssey – “Rowdyssey”

Via Speed Society

An old Honda Odyssey is about as bland of a vehicle to ever grace the roads, these functional haulers are by no means exciting. Until, that is, the BoostedBoiz Youtube channel got their hands on one. Aptly named the “Rowdyssey,” this minivan can crack well over 700 HP with its Turbocharged, Prelude sourced H22 motor, and keep that power going until the front tires simply stop existing.

14Bisimoto Honda Odyssey

Via Mecum Auctions

In a similar vein, Bisimoto Engineering took a new, but still incredibly dull, Honda Odyssey and turned it up so far past 11, the dial fell off. Producing a staggering 1029 HP from the stock engine that came with the van puts it into a league of its own. Although one lucky person got to join that league, as the van was auctioned off by Mecum Auctions in 2016.

13Ford Transit Supervan

Via Pinterest

One of the coolest advertising vehicles of all time, Ford created the Supervan to promote their newly introduced Transit van. While today the Transit is ubiquitous worldwide, this monster helped achieve that. In 1971 Ford dropped the body of a Transit onto the chassis and engine of a GT40 race car. The results were as insane as they sound, it was a proper track monster wearing the body of a minivan.

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12Kronos Racing Peugeot 806

Via Pinterest

Although creating a proper race car out of a minivan doesn’t require a completely new chassis. Peugeot proved this to an extent when they enlisted Kronos Racing to help turn their yawn-worthy 806 into a full-on pro touring car for the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. With a Rally derived engine, and suspension from a proper touring car, the 806 looked promising, until it suffered several mechanical failures and had to drop out of the race.

11 Renault Espace F1

Via Autocar

Look, modifying a normal engine for maximum performance while in a minivan is cool and all, but the Renault Espace F1 may just take the cake, even with a stock engine. Why? Because that engine may be mostly un-modified, but it was lifted straight out of Renault’s Formula 1 car. The result is an absolute monster of a concept vehicle, although you may have to look twice, as it’s the last thing you’d expect to hear making this noise. It’s absurd, in the best way possible.

10 Revo Volkswagen T5

Via Pinterest

Originally part of a Top Gear segment, Sabine Schmitz set the Nurburgring lap record for vans in a Ford Transit. That record has recently been broken through, with a mostly stock Volkswagen van. Prepared by VW tuner Revo, the T5 was given a new engine tune, coil-over suspension, cooling systems, exhaust, and proper tires. All this made it good for a sub 10 minute lap time, impressive considering it’s a mostly stock minivan.

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