Can the Land Rover Defender do almost everything

Can the Land Rover Defender do almost everything?

You decide. For $70K, it better!

If you’re going to play close to $70k for a premium SUV, the vehicle you choose needs to have the capability and design to match. Luckily, Land Rover has been pretty good at combining these two elements since, well, almost forever. In Land Rover’s lineup, we’d say that the Defender has that neo-retro vibe that’s as functional as it is handsome looking – in a boxy/concept car way. The new Defender has a lower starting price at just under $50k, but a 110 First Edition has all the goodies you’d ever want, and with additional options, goes slightly over the $70k price tag. While we all know it’s a beast on and off-road, there are those who will ask: “But can it tow?”

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