Cars We Remember: Panel trucks bring back memories

Panel wagons and delivery trucks are now popular, high dollar, attractions

Greg, I love reading your columns in the Westerly Sun newspaper here in Rhode Island. I have a great love for panel trucks and the 1957 to 1960 Fords are my favorites, but I like them all.

As you know, trying to find one today is a major task so I’m hoping you can do a column on these great old workhorses of yesteryear. Thanks for all the great nostalgic reading and keep up the good work.
Mike Wood, Charlestown, Rhode Island.

A: Thanks Mike for your kind words and a handwritten letter. Not surprisingly, your letter brings back tremendous memories of both my love of vehicles and my late father, Michael T. Zyla, who would go on to become a noted artist and publish five art prints centered on trains and his hometown of Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

Back in 1955, at the age of 7, I sat in my dad’s garage mesmerized at the new 1955 Chevy sedan delivery sitting in front of me. My dad was hand-lettered this brand new truck for a local business, namely Ned Stank Electric in Ranshaw, Pennsylvania. The sedan delivery was black with shiny hubcaps and my dad used high gloss yellow paint to


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