Corvette C8 Transport Video Shows Challenges Of Delivering 10 Cars

It’s not an easy job, and the new Corvette makes it even harder.

The vast majority of articles adopt the collective we voice, but I’m going to take particular ownership of this one. Shipping cars 10 or more at a time on a truck isn’t easy; I know because my father did it, my brother currently does it, and as a young boy in Michigan, I earned my kindergarten diesel diploma sitting on my dad’s knee, steering a GMC General loaded with new Corvettes up our long driveway. It can take hours to simply load these rigs, stacking everything just right while climbing over steel beams 10 feet in the air, all while working in spaces with just inches to spare. And that’s for normal cars with decent ground clearance and visibility from the cockpit, never mind the mid-engine challenges offered by the C8.

That brings me to this fresh upload from Morgan Crosbie on YouTube. He holds station at a Chevrolet dealer in Canada, and he had his camera running for what could be the last batch of 2020 Corvette deliveries arriving for some time. I’m very glad he did, because this is a great opportunity to present a taste of the auto transport world and the unique challenges the C8 brings to the mix….


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