Motorhomes to Rooftop Tents: How to Choose the Best RV (or Camper) for You

Which RV is right for you? Is it an SUV with a rooftop tent or a 40-foot-long motorhome? This guide to truck campers and motorhomes will help you decide.

After this pandemic, the drive to escape in the great outdoors will be stronger than ever. Let’s dive into a few of the options we have for a rolling home away from home. It’s healthy to daydream about adventures on the horizon!

With constant stress from the daily grind and endless email notifications demanding our attention, heading outdoors — when appropriate — is the perfect way to disconnect and recharge.

Whether it’s the thrill of an off-grid excursion or a road trip to a bucket-list national park, there are recreational vehicle options to fit virtually every budget, level of experience, and desired comfort.

You could choose a…


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