The Solo isn’t the first small, three-wheeled car to squeeze into the crowded automotive market.

Not Quite a Car, Not Quite a Motorcycle

From the front, the Solo looks like a car, with hood, grille and headlights. Take a peek from behind, however, and it tapers down to just one wheel.


For decades, the best-selling vehicles in the United States have been pickup trucks. Hulking, gas-powered models from Ford, Ram and Chevy have had a grip on the market that seems unbreakable.

But there will always be companies that try to upend the status quo, powered by idealistic thinking and, ideally, deep pockets. One such company is set to take its shot this summer with a single-seat car called the Solo. A tiny, three-wheeled electric, it will be available in Los Angeles later this year.

“So many vehicles are being driven by one person,” said Paul Rivera, chief executive of the Solo’s manufacturer, ElectraMeccanica, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Why does everybody think they need to…


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