This Mercedes Unimog Car Hauler is the weird yoga-loader you didn’t know you needed

Car enthusiasts have a penchant for finding—and then freaking out about—the oddest vehicles every time a major auction approaches.

Case in point: This 1966 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Car Hauler, slated to go under the gavel at Bonhams’ 2020 Amelia Island sale in a few weeks.

If you’re familiar with the Unimog, you already know why we love it. If you’re new to this model, know that we love a vehicle with singularity of purpose. Naturally, we’re drawn to military vehicles—convertedrebranded, or the same as the day they were born. The Unimog was designed after WWII to serve the needs of the agricultural community but has since expanded its skillset into other areas. Folks have transformed these plodding, portal-axle, go-anywhere beasts into fire trucks, camping rigs, and even car haulers, as is the case here.

This is a 406-series Unimog, meaning it is a short-wheelbase variant (the 416 was its long wheelbase counterpart), and this example is configured with the “low floor elevating truck” layout, or “Niederflurhubwagen” (bless you) in German. It’s an unconventional piece of ’60s engineering, but that’s precisely why we love it.

Take a look at the lead image. When the floor is lowered to load a..


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