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Why Choose Motherload

  • List your shipment for free
  • No Registration Fees
  • Receive multiple bids
  • You choose the shipping service provider to work with
  • Save time and money
  • Listing options include text and photos
  • Chat with a transporter prior to accepting their bid

Motherload is the best solution for shipping

Too often you hear horror stories about illegal transporters or carriers asking for more money once they have your shipment. Motherload requires transporters to bid “all in” on your shipment. When a transporter enrolls on our site, they go through our vetting process that checks for licensing and that their insurance is valid.

We do not allow freight brokers or forwarders to transport on Motherload. Typically they add an additional cost to a load and slow down the process of getting a shipment booked, transported and can add an extra person into the mix as questions arise. 

Know when you ship on Motherload, you will be working directly with a transporter that is qualified to ship for you. As a feedback rated transporter, they must perform to a higher level of standards than a broker ever could.