Who can ship on your site?

Any private citizen can post shipments on our platform. We also allow the below businesses to post shipments on Motherload:

  • Private Citizen
  • Brokers (Cannot Transport)
  • Trucking Companies
  • 3PL’s
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Auction Houses
  • Auto Auctions
  • Captives & Banks
  • Dealers
  • Repossessors
  • Manufacturers
  • Resellers
  • eBay/Etsy/Amazon Users
  • Offerup/Letgo Users
  • Veritread Users
  • Ritchie Brothers / IronPlanet Users
  • You!
What is the cost?

Motherload is free to post your load and to get bids.

Once you accept a rate, there is a small user fee that will be charged prior to releasing the transporters information to you.

What can I ship on your site / app?

Motherload specializes in vehicle transport primarily for auto and truck shipping. We also offer the ability to get bids from our vetted network of transporters for:

Motorcycle Shipping
Moped Shipping
Dirt Bike Shipping
ATV Shipping
ORV Shipping
UTV Shipping
Freight Shipping
LTL Shipping
Truckload Shipping
Vehicle Parts Shipping
Horse Shipping
Livestock Shipping
Frozen Shipping
Refrigerated Shipping
Motorhome Shipping
RV Shipping
Mobile Home Shipping
Trailer Shipping
Boat Shipping
Watercraft Shipping
Heavy Haul Shipping

What is not allowed: Personal Effects, Pets or Luggage

Will I get instant rates?

For Auto’s and Trucks that have not been modified (lifted, tires, roof racks, flatbed/stakebed, lowered and other modifications) you will receive instant rates.

All other vehicles are put on our proprietary software to have our network of transporters bid on your shipment.

What kinds of transporters are on Motherload?

Transporters are vetted for proper licensing and insurance. We monitor this very closely to ensure shippers like you are only working with legal transporters.

Note: Motherload does not allow brokers on our platform. Brokers tend to add unneeded cost and limit the ability to get updates fast from carriers. 

By eliminating the broker, Motherload allows our transporters to make more profit per mile

How will I know when my load is picking up?

Once your shipment has been accepted by a transporter, you will be charged a small user fee for the listing and then receive the transporters contact information to arrange pick up

How do I choose a bid?

Once you’ve received bids on your load, you’ll get an opportunity to see reviews, compare quoted rates, and choose the best option for your transport

What is included in the rates I see?

Transporter bids and rates displayed on Motherload are all-in rates. This includes rates, accessorials, fees, permits and pilot cars.

Unless your shipment criteria changes from the initial request, our transporters are required to honor their rate.

Will my transporter have the proper insurance?

Transporters are required to have cargo and liability insurance. Motherload also offers 3rd party insurance coverage that can be calculated prior to accepting a bid or rate

What if I have issues with the transporter?

Contact us right away via email or over the phone. Although due to the vetting of the transporters, things happen. Know that Motherload representatives are available to resolve any and all issues

How does this work for transporters?

Once you are approved, you will have access to our platform. There you will see shipments available for either booking or for bidding.

BOOKING: Shipper has a car or truck and received instant rates and accepted the price displayed. You will have access to those loads to build a route. Once accepted, it cannot be taken by another transporter.

BIDDING: Loads that are posted that cannot be instantly rated or if a shipper has time to get bids, you will be able to post questions about the load (contact information or rate discussions are not permitted) as well as blind bid.

Is Motherload a broker?

No. All loads listed and available on Motherload app are from customers who are looking for transportation rates.

Motherload is a digital clearinghouse and does not operate in any broker capacity and acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller and seeks to ensure that the process from trade inception to settlement is smooth.

Our main role is to make certain that the shipper and transporter honor their contract obligations

How do we get paid for the transportation?

Motherload does not handle transporter payments. When bidding, you should list how you would like to get paid as well as list it on your transporter profile.

All payments are private between the shipper and transporter. In the event our support staff have to get involved with payment disputes, shipper and transporters accounts may be placed on hold.

Does Motherload charge a membership fee?

Motherload does not charge a membership fee to transporters.

What makes Motherload better than its competitors?

The proprietary Motherload platform, which connects shippers and carriers with the carrier’s needs in mind, saves a great deal of time for everyone concerned. We do not allow brokers to transport on our website. By doing so, we allow a higher rate per mile on auto and truck transport.

Other benefits include:

Motherload was founded by logistics professionals. We are not software people. We have been in the trenches for years as either drivers, transporters or agents for brokerages. We know that cutting out brokers and allowing more per mile to get to the transporters is a novel idea that we have been founded on.

Feature rich platform. Motherload offers the ability for on site inspections prior to pick up including photo uploads. This helps avoid delivery issues that pertains to damages or claims of damage. Simple check-in on our app for shippers to know where their load is every step of the way.

Exclusive Carrier Load Board for finding appropriate loads. Carriers can quickly filter and sort loads by location, shipment type, load/unload method, and special requirements; and to view details about each load. This helps carriers find the loads that are best-suited to their expertise and rate accordingly

Are we rated for the shippers to see?

Yes. We have a feedback section for the shippers to rate you and your services. Shippers will be able to see your rating, feedback as well as past loads you managed.

As you grow your book of business, it will be available for shippers to see the good or the bad. If you have multiple cancellations or negative reviews, you can be removed from our platform

Does Motherload offer support?

Motherload wants to be the go-to for fair rated loads as well as offer transporters the ability to streamline their routing and load match during transit.

Motherload’s logistics experts are available to you at every point within the process. They will answer your questions and help you handle any complexities that may arise.

How do I get started?

Complete the registration and Motherload will handle the rest. 

Our Logistics team with verify your MC/DOT information as well as insurance coverage prior to allowing you access to our portal as a verified transporter.

Brokers are not allowed to transport. Brokers can list loads for bid

Can you build this feature?

Transporters may have certain requirements for managing transportation. If you would like to add a feature to your account, please contact our development team: dev@motherload.app

Did you think of an idea that should be available for all users? Please don’t hesitate to let us know. We want to make this a community for transporters and know without you, we would be dead in the water.

How will the shipper see our bids?


All bids are blind. No other transporter will know what your bid amount is. If a load shows as available and rate approved (or bid submitted), your bid amount visible to the shipper will include our service fee.

When a bid is accepted, the shipper will pay the service fee and then contact information will be released to transporter and shipper to arrange pick up

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