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Heavy Equipment Transport – All You Need To Know

Heavy equipment transport & shipping is an industry that is employed by hundreds of different types of businesses each year, however many people do not always understand the logistics of the industry until it comes time to actually make use of its services. The fact is, the transport industry is a crucial part of the world’s economy and is in itself a multi-billion dollar market. By understanding how it operates one can become more acquainted with an industry that many of us overlook and take advantage of on a daily basis.


Heavy equipment transport is an umbrella term used to describe the movement of heavy equipment from one point to another. While the term “heavy equipment transport” can be rather subjective, some times it refers to tractor shipping, it basically refers to any materials that cannot be transported via more traditional methods. In other words, “heavy equipment transport” refers to massive concrete blocks, not television and microwaves. For many industries such as oil and logging, transporting equipment that cannot be moved via regular vehicles is often a common occurrence. These industries would be hard-pressed to operate without the resources that heavy equipment transport & shipping companies provide.


Transporting heavy equipment can be done via many methods, but by far the most popular is trailer shipping and transport. Flatbed tractor trailers are operated by truckers who are used to carrying large loads, and these vehicles are able to transport objects that could never be moved otherwise, many of which weigh more than a ton. Flatbed trailers are capable of operating in just about any weather conditions, and many truckers – especially in areas like Northern Canada – find themselves driving in extreme conditions. Since large hauls are usually extremely time sensitive, truckers must deliver their loads within short periods of time no matter what the road conditions.

Generally, items are placed on flatbed trailer and secured by using heavy-duty cable systems. It is of utmost importance that items are secured as tightly as possible, as with their heavy weight even small shift in momentum can prove to be disastrous. Flatbed trailers are usually not enclosed, which can leave heavy loads susceptible to the elements. This being the case, many companies choose to cover their items in order to provide the utmost protection possible.


The trailer shipping and transport industry has grown to a point of potential it has never experienced in the past. While it has been around for a very long time, it seems that more businesses are making use of heavy equipment these days than ever before. For those who are interested in attaining work in the heavy equipment transport & shipping industry, opportunities are usually easily found in areas where the shipping service providers is heavily concentrated. Those who have experience trucking lighter loads across the country may want to look into heavy equipment transport, as there is generally quite a bit more money in this area of the industry. As long as one uses good judgment and drives responsibly, it can be a very rewarding and safe career.

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