Motherload offers legal freight transporters to bid on shipping your household items

Save time and money. It is free to list your household items that you need transported

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Why Choose Motherload App

  • List your household appliances for free
  • No Registration Fees
  • Auction platform generates multiple bids
  • You choose the shipping service provider to work with
  • Saves time and money
  • Listing options include text & photos

The Importance of Obtaining Quotes from Reputable Transport Carriers

Legal transporters available to get you bids on shipping your household items. Motherload is not a site for personal moves or personal items. There are other sites that do those types of moves. 

Motherload offers the ability to get blind bids on household items to ship to a consumer such as appliances, furniture and other interior items from sellers to consumers. Motherload transporters are vetted and legal transporters who are ready to get you rates and earn your business.

We ask that if you use any website for personal moves, you ensure the transporter is licensed, insured and legally able to transport. Don’t use some guy with a rented uhaul.