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Why Choose Motherload

  • No bids to compete against
  • Active communication with Shippers
  • Load plan via Map routing
  • You calculate your worth 
  • PWA based app for speed
  • 24/7 access to loads
  • Low monthly membership fee

Motherload is the best solution for shipping

Any app you download for Apple or Android (Native apps) is required to make several connections to servers as well as updates needing to get approved at different intervals. This can slow down or at times shut down an app.

Motherload is based on the PWA platform. This ensures that you will have access to our live load board no matter where you are. View loads based on categories and filters you want. Built in messaging system allows quick and easy communication with shippers.

Motherload is not built as a race to the bottom for transporters. Bids are submitted blind and no other transporter will know your bid amount. No need to worry about being undercut by a couple dollars or underbid by a broker only to see the load popup elsewhere for less money.

Our feature rich system is constantly being updated as well as additional features being built. Let us know if you would like to see something added to Motherload to make your experience better. We are here as a community and want to ensure we are always the go-to for loads.