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3PL Lies:

Did you know that what you read online should always be verified when it comes to brokers? Why you ask? Well, unless you have been off planet or in a coma, you have seen truckers protesting brokers for scamming truckers and shippers.

We receive an email blast from (who we had previously reported this scam) and out of curiosity, clicked a link in the email and saw they listed they have 4 out of 5 star rating with Trustpilot. Trustpilot design is to help websites show positive feedback to help a business grow. But what happens when a business fakes this or creates their own feedback that is not actually true?

Knowing Freightcenters history, we decided to dig a little deeper and found this rating is by no means accurate. When you read the reviews on Trustpilot HERE, you will see that visitors to are being lied to.


Freightcenter Trustpilot Reviews are Fake and a Scam



Freightcenter Scam-Fake Trustpilot Reviews- ACCURATE

We can see why Freightcenter CEO, Matthew Brosious would want to lie to shippers. Below is some of the most recent feedback. Another reason why Motherload does not allow brokers on our website. It is to protect our shippers from lying, scamming brokers. Below are the most recent reviews. None are higher than a 1 star. You decide if they are worthy of shipping anything for you. They won’t on!

1 star: Bad

Dont, just dont. From one business owner to another. Dont.

Dont use them. Period.

I’m a business owner and ship approx $200-250K per year in combined shipping (parcel, crates, ltl, etc) and have shipped with multiple shippers over the years and these guys are the worst. Stay away.

My scales are certified every 30 days and dead accurate. We always add a few extra pounds to each BOL just to cover bases but we constantly got these double weight overcharges and they take the money out of your account first, then you have to fight for months to get it back even if you have all the proof.

What broke our relationship was a shipment of 2 custom hand made tables worth $12,500 for my client and over the course of a month, lost it. It was only going 300 miles.Its a 2 day delivery tops. I even paid an additional $500 for another truck through them to go pick it up and drive it to my now extremely upset client and they kept that money as well. Took weeks to get a return phone call or email and then it was “well, just wait for our decision in 120 days”.

Some of the reps are friendly but its the infrastructure and lack of accountability that makes this company a huge liability for shipping. From one small business owner to another, dont. There are lots of other options.

1 star: Bad

Fraudulent company, AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Hopefully you are reading this (and the related horrible reviews) of FreightCenter before you contracted with them. If so, I’m happy for you. You won’t make the same mistake I did.

I contracted with Freight Center to move a LTL shipment from another state, with White Glove service. White Glove is a standard description throughout the shipping business that promises unloading, moving the cargo to the location of your choice, and cleaning up the packing materials and pallets before leaving. I specified this service, and paid the extra premium cost for. Of course, FreightCenter demands you pay in advance.

When the shipment arrived, the crew refused to move the cargo to my preferred location. When I contacted FreightCenter, they likewise refused to take any action to fulfill the contracted services, and demanded an additional $650 to move the load to the final location. A considerable number of phone calls and emails later, they STILL refused.

Now I am left with pursuing other remedies, up to legal action. Do yourselves a favor. Do not deal with this fraudulent, deceitful and dishonest company.

1 star: Bad

Avoid this company if you can help it!

Avoid this company if you can possible help it. What their customer service people tell you and what they later charge you will be different and they will make it so difficult to fight (and time consuming) that you will finally give up – like we did.
We packed everything up in Uhaul boxes (they were great) and picked up a pallet from Home Depot (also super helpful). We weighed everything and rounded up so we wouldn’t have an issue with the carrier. We measured everything and then we called Freight Center. Because we were shipping personal effects, they said they would need to rate the shipment as a Class 150 shipment. For those of you who don’t know, this usually addresses the density of a shipment and helps carriers charge the right amount for the size / weight of the shipment. We were quoted a price which we agreed to and paid. We drove everything to the trucking company that FreightCenter had set this up with . . . loaded up the pallet in their parking lot and shrink wrapped it. The Carrier – (YRC) was also very helpful – letting us use some of their heavy duty shrink wrap as ours was light duty. The person on the dock weighed the pallet and found that it was 20 pounds less than what we had paid to Freight Center.
At this point we thought we were in great shape.
The goods arrived in Buffalo and one of the boxes was damaged but all things considered – we were fine.
Then we got notice from Freight Center that the bill should not have been for Class 100 as it had been billed by YRC to Freight Center . . . .but it should have been 125. They charged us another $131 US including a fee for reclassifying the freight. If our shipment should have been 125, we should have been getting a discount because we had paid the higher rate based on the household 150 classification.
We spent considerable time trying to resolve this in a friendly, courteous manner. To no avail. Freight Center would not hear anything and refused to talk sense. Most people don’t understand the freight classification system and that’s what they appear to count on – baffle with BS so you just pay the bill and move on.
BOTTOM LINE. Based on our experience, the price FreightCenter agrees to and what they eventually will charge you will be different, even if you do everything you agree to from you side. And then they will make it so difficult for you to resolve the difference, you will just give up in frustration. Expect to pay considerably more than what anyone quotes you at FreightCenter

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