Not in our eyes: Commentary- Uber getting out of “Freight” would be bad for freight

Can the Uber model transform freight?

Our management staff has been watching the developments for uber freight and if they are leaving the market. This article is interesting to see if others believe if uber freight stays in the game, if they can change the shipping industry. We feel that dictating the truckers rates is not a secure business model and hope for the best.

The disruption of digital platforms in brokerage-based businesses is just one of the many ways our world is increasingly becoming digitised.

Take the travel agency business as an example. Until the late 1990s, travel agencies dominated the market for travel bookings. The arrival of the internet enabled customers to book their vacation without going through an agency. The simplicity and cost savings of this model motivated customers to use online platforms. Penetration grew continuously despite initial adoption hurdles for some customer groups. Today most standard trips are booked online, and the number of travel agencies has declined by a third over the last decade.

The logistics industry is another brokerage-based business that is….

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