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Published August 2020


HotShot Truckers and Freight Haulers Load Board

NewsLetter and Updates!

The Platform Works for Shippers and Truckers!

Why the Industry Needs ReadyShipUSA!

Hey Everyone. It’s Jenn again! As I was deciding which direction I wanted to go with my next article and this NewsLetter, a few “things” came up that took all of us on a ride of another kind.


Shutting down the Country putting everyone out of work, the emergency “stay at home” directives (different in every state) creating confusion and a virtual halt on travel, leaving most of us wondering where our next paycheck would come from or when (not to mention mortgage payments, truck payments, grocery’s, schools, banks, farmers, manufacturers, etc. etc. etc)…with all of the miss-information and uncertainty, most of us are heading in a direction none of us was prepared for, nor do we know how to get back from?


I will start again with a brief introduction to our load board and why Tom created ReadyShipUSA in the first place. Tom created this platform in an effort to “level the playing field”; “go old school…” in the HotShot (and now Freight) Trucking/Hauling Industry. Trying to get “back to basics”, back to “real” business, back to the “way things used to be” when there was an abundance of money for everyone…you know, “back in the day when…” lol!


Back to a time when “drivers” would watch out for one another, and would never purposely attempt to “under bid or undercut” their fellow drivers (in the end, no one makes any money with “reverse bidding”). Back to the days when, if you hustled and built a few relationships on honesty and good business, you could “live large” and work less, able to enjoy the road and your family, and the good things in life.


That’s what ReadyShipUSA is…”Old School”! ReadyShipUSA is a “no brainer” for shippers, #HotShots, and NOW #FREIGHT #Truckers. Our platform is the most cost effective, user-friendly, fastest growing, easiest to navigate, no BS load boards on the web.

For #Shippers, Tom wanted to be sure that there were NO extra or hidden costs, no deposits or fees needed to be paid to the “middle-man/the broker/the dispatcher”. Create your account and list your “Shippables/Shipments”…it’s that easy! Turn on your email notifications and/or check the site often for Private Quotes from #Transporters…accept or decline the quote (we just added a new feature for our shippers…a one click option to respond to our #Truckers as close to “real-time” as possible)! All arrangements like pick-up and drop-off, addresses and times, cost to ship, and payments are made directly between the #Shipper and the #Hauler!


Oh yeah…we added a second new feature for #Shippers this month…Shippers can now see what the #Truckers see…your finished listing, including the option to edit!


For the #HotShots, #FreightHaulers, #Truckers and #Owner/Operators, being one himself…Tom wanted to be sure they get their cash immediately with no wait time and no payment codes. “These guys need to have enough cash for gas, food, and a place to sleep on their way home…and maybe just maybe, have enough left over to pay his/her bills and still afford to take the kids to the local fair/carnival that weekend without worry!”


Tom set out to fix all of the issues he found with the industry and the online load boards. Being on the road himself for all of those years he became frustrated with the entire process; the differing contracts and last minute changes, the brokers and dispatchers with their lies and inconsideration, the stress of driving and then the uncertainty of what was coming when he arrived at his destination. Then having to wonder, was there a load ready for him on the return so he’s not running home empty or LTL, only to have the dispatcher, brokers, and those other online load boards, take a huge percentage of the money when he did all the work.


#ReadyShipUSA has everything a trucker needs to make a business, to make a life on the road, to live the #TruckerLife without all of the hassles. Tom always says, “…if you work the board you can put together runs that make you money without all the crap that comes with those other load boards…and nobody’s gonna take your money or your time…and you’re not bidding against other drivers for loads that often don’t exist, or the quote goes so low no one makes any money except for the brokers, dispatchers, and the computer geeks that put together those other boards when they know nothing about the business!”


If you guys are having trouble getting started or are not sure exactly how to put a run together for yourselves…hit us up…we would be glad to help you #GetUpGetDressedGetOut! There is a bunch of money to be made on the boards and we are adding new loads every day.


Due to the Covid-19 shut downs and ever changing, very confusing “stay at home” BS…ReadyShipUSA has integrated a NEW FREIGHT LOAD BOARD! All Truckers have equal access to both the HotShot and Freight Boards (over 50,000 live loads with 1000’s more added daily); both boards work the same (private quotes with the option of email or phone numbers for communication with the Shippers) and are updated in “real-time” for one low monthly subscription fee ($49.99/Month)!

So, here we are once again at…! Come, Join the Movement…help us bring #Trucking back to the #Truckers…we “level the playing field” with equal access to all loads for all drivers…No Bidding, Private Quotes to Shippers…Get paid what you’re worth and…

What’s New?

A PDF copy of the Shipping Contract Tom uses is now downloadable at under the “In the Biz” tab (If not there, it will be somewhere on the site)…the contract can be manipulated to suit your needs…just fill in the blanks!

Our Freight Load Board is fully functional and very user-friendly,and…ALL Loads Are “Live” and Updated Daily!!

We’ve also updated the GPS/Maps API…Now you can “filter search” by State…the new API will show you each and every load in any state you enter…you no longer

The Original, HotShot Load Board is as user-friendly as it has always been, and in the past 2-3 weeks we’ve been seeing an influx of new shippers and new shipments…and I’ve been getting emails from new shippers asking me, “How do I/they know if a Transporter has quoted my/their shipment?”…(Automatic Email Notifications for both the Shipper and Transporter – Truckers must turn on…don’t forget to turn up the volume…the *notifications on their devices)

**DRIVER, DRIVER…GIT ON IT! MAKE SOME MONEY! Send Private QUOTES to Shippers and find your next full or partial load!!

I shouldn’t have to say anything…but I will anyway! It’s time to bring our Country back to whatever “normal” it was just five months ago…! It’s time to get back to “it”! The FREIGHT is out there for the taking (over 70,000 loads and updated hourly)…and the HOTSHOT LOADS are being added by the “fist full”! There is money out there to be made…you just have to #GetUpGetDressedGetOut!

Why Do Truckers Need ReadyShipUSA?

America badly needs the #freight that #truckers bring to every state, every single day…so, America badly needs us truckers! And right now…that means truckers need to keep themselves healthy, not only for themselves, but for the sake of their families and the entire country!

As businesses and public services nationwide begin to reopen due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic (Madness!), life is changing for most Americans (“I’m not happy about it at all, it’s all too weird for my brain…”.)  It is estimated that more than 43% of businesses will not reopen at all, and up to 20% beyond that will open with limitations, and most of those 20% are not expected to last more than 3 months!

But, people still need food, fuel, and other essentials, so trucks need to keep rolling. Unfortunately, trucker type rest areas are among those locations that have been closed in response to the pandemic…and many more are struggling to reopen…and if they are re-opening, there are many “new rules and restrictions” and the “rules” are different depending on the day, in each and every state. How does anyone know what to do or where to do it?

States closed down rest areas nationwide, but with an uproar from trucking companies, drivers, and groups like OOIDA and ATA, changes were immediate and somewhat effective, but many drivers are still unsure of where they can stop or where they can/cannot go (as many states have very different mandates in place), and some states seem to change their “rules” daily, making it impossible for anyone to “keep up”…many officials say that restaurants and public bathrooms could remain closed depending on the area. Truck parking is still available at most stops and drivers could be expected to use portable toilets in the parking lot. Drivers need to check their “lane” ahead of time for truck stops where restaurants allow carry-out service and if restrooms have been re-opened. All drivers need, and deserve, access to rest areas. Hopefully all states have re-evaluated these “new short-sighted policies” that jeopardize the safety of truckers, and the general public.

We do know that most private truck stops have largely remained open.  Love’s, TA, and Pilot Flying J for example are all still open as of my last check, July 1st, (as of August 1st I’ve read that the majority of major Truck Stops are mandating “face coverings” for service) . Most area #TruckStops says they have increased cleaning and disinfecting efforts in bathrooms and shower facilities. Most restaurants are remaining open with drive-thru and carryout options only. That being said, the situation has been changing so quickly (often daily) that there’s no telling what areas will be open, and what services will be available on any given day.

Take my research for what it’s worth (information seems to change daily), take care of yourself and your family first, #GetUpGetDressedGetOut, and let’s get back to work…let’s Make Our Country Great Again!!

Be Safe Drivers…PEACE!! 

Cons: ReadyShipper missed the mark with some aspects that would be a bit more helpful for our company’s use. For the price, we’d like to get a bit more assistance from our shipping software and unfortunately ReadyShipper did not deliver. This application would work well for a small business with items that are not bundled, selling through 1-2 unique channels but for an organization such as ours with a bit more specialization, this application fell short.