Electric Trucks' Range Will Suffer Dramatically When Towing But I Think There's A Solution

Electric Trucks’ Range Will Suffer Dramatically When Towing But I Think There’s A Solution

Towing far with an electric vehicle is an issue right now for the private sector. Towing will reduce the range of the electric truck and reduce the aerodynamics.


There’s lots of companies out there getting ready to release some very exciting electric trucks. In addition to the major automakers’ electric truck plans, we have Rivian, Bollinger, and, of course, Tesla, with their bonkers Cybertruck. While all of these trucks offer good packaging, power, accelleration, and utility, they all have one huge achilles’ heel: towing. But I think there may be a solution for this problem, and it’s both absurdly simple and perhaps painfully complicated.

The problem isn’t that electric trucks can’t tow; they actually can tow massive weights extremely well. The Cybertruck, for example, claims to be able to tow an impressive-sounding “7,500+ pounds,” which is, of course no joke.
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