project44 Promotes Freight Visibility In USMCA Era

Now that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has been approved in the U.S., freight-tech industry officials said key partnerships and gaining transparency across the complete value chain are more important than ever.

Tommy Barnes, head of global network partnerships at project44, said in an interview with FreightWaves that the company “allows carriers to have tremendous speed to market and kind of high-fidelity data and predictive business intelligence to make decisions they want to make on behalf of their particular clients.”

Chicago-based project44, a visibility solutions provider, is connected to thousands of carriers worldwide, providing coverage for all electronic logging devices (ELDs) and telematics devices across all transportation modes.

project44 also recently earned the No. 2 spot on FreightWaves’ FreightTech25 list for 2019.

Barnes said when regulatory changes occur in any country or industry, there is always the possibility it could affect visibility and supply chain transparency.

“The global transport space is like a bouncing ball. There are a lot of changes that occur in the regulatory space and the economic space,” Barnes said. “So if product is coming from a port or a rail yard or if it’s from a supplier location, you have to stitch visibility across multiple constituents. The key is to be flexible and nimble.”

To that end, project44 continues to….


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