Scania deploys battery electric trucks in Norway

By Simon Warburton | 13 February 2020

Norwegian wholesaler, ASKO is deploying two battery electric Scania distribution trucks for its operations in Oslo.

With the technology currently available, battery electric trucks need to drive shorter distances and be able to recharge.

In city distribution, this can be done while loading or unloading goods. The two trucks which will go into ASKO’s operations have a battery capacity of 165 kWh, giving a range of 120 km and are charged by 130 kW cable charging.

“In the long run, electrification will be key to achieving a sustainable transport system for heavy vehicles as well,” said Scania head of sales and marketing, Karin Rådström.

“On the journey, it is as important as ever to work with customer-near development to understand the impact on the customers’ full operations, not only making sure that a technical solution works and the electricity that charges the batteries is sourced from renewable energy.”

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