sudden death or the big accidents in the Arab World

Sudden death or the big accidents in the Arab World

Submitted by May El Zein  on 10/07/2019

In this essay, there will be three arguments that will cover three aspects of this issue. There are many statistics that show that there are different causes for the sudden death or the big accidents in the Arab World. Some point out it is due to the young generation and it’s usage of expensive or even cheap cars as racing or other sports in daily or weekly use.

Besides the motorcycles and other means that are used by the young generation in the Arab World. Another reason is the misuse of transportation means either in miscommunication of programs from external uses, programs, or even communication international modes that is taken from international regulations that is misunderstood on the basis level and up. There are different communicative modes in the Arabic-English level or vice-versa that is used in everyday life that has different implications than what is written, directed, or even created for in the mode of transportation.

The third, is the psychological fallacy and it is that in the Arab culture what is average or above average for a layman citizen or for any person that comes from this culture is that they relate only to their personal and heritage sense, logic of experience. In conclusion, these three aspects are a start for beginning a long road of change to the final ground of creating a comfortable, friendly-environment, and Arab culture influenced by psychological language and usage.

Young generation usage. Doctors, politicians, economics grounds (business trucks, work trucks (long hours and not by humane or law restrictions in applications). As well as, the usage of the traffic for motorcycles and other cheap automobiles in every day usage of different grounds. Including, the cheap cars, automobiles, and other transportation modes that are very cheap in oil/gas prices for everyday use. In this section, it is important to point out the different cultures in the Arab world, countries, laws, financial, political, economic, and health factors.

The culture of young generations (sometimes old but very rare) to have races, outings, or unique usage of the expensive/cheap automobiles of all kinds. The market and the accessories, options available with the culture help in creating a comfortable environment (some places more than others and vice versa) in either securing others from such events, being open to others to such events on purpose (either for part of the event or outing, by mistake, or for the pleasure). This part of the research is very important in pointing out the culture and its interaction with the market and it’s accessories and offers. In this section there is a reference for the other transportation cultures in the Arab world. In details, usually due to external pressures or internal issues from these cultures there are factors or stress that reveal a kind environment that accelerates death and big incidences. In the following section miscommunication is a big factor that influences the above and the ongoing cycle of psychological/cultural fallacy in Arab culture.

The odds up to a vicious cycle of impractical miscommunication with the subjective culture approach from the average in the Arab culture to the different issues pertaining to transportation. Including: stigma, religion, cultural heritage and most importantly, bullying of ethics and rules in the cultural society within or out to increase and have a new paradigm of culture that grows to the degree that (in the Arab Culture when it stays long) grows and becomes inseparable in the growing culture of the youth, young, and society as a whole. Examples are of in different countries there are cults of car racing, motorcycle racing, and others in the transportation and other areas in the region. They are mainly young generations, for other events, or events mainly around the car or other automobile.

This is for either rich, middle, or under middle. Mainly this issue is for wealthy families in the region, as for the under middle or middle and under usually it is the issue of unsafe roads to walk in or cross. As for other issues lately with the mobile, fighting (sometimes in the middle of the street for personal or other reasons), stealing, racing in the middle of traffic or unintended actions of youth or others, four intersections, and onwards. For the miscommunication in the cultural fallacy and psychologist’s fallacy in the region of not understanding. Here, it is not necessarily enforcement of the ‘law’ or the ‘traffic etiquette’ it is for the main population that use the transportation to understand and relate to the laws and transportation ethics and etiquette that would be part of the culture in a usual way like the air like the different food options available, technology, everything that was introduced lately and became instantly part of the culture.

In the research that I will do for this topic I will look at the different factors and reasons discussed above in more detail and prosper on helpful understanding of the issue to build a new kind of transportation communication tools and transportation utilities, guides that are not from top, or misunderstood. They are part of the culture, used, related in strength, and understood to the degree that it is taken seriously in the purpose of transportation in the region to be more flexible, relaxing, safe, and an easy part of life. The way to introduce the new programs that will not come from ‘a top’ or being ‘foreign’ needs a lot of research on these points and there may come up other points. In all purposes this research will open up positive, and excellent development for the Arab civilian in this region, the companies, and all that are effected.