Tesla is clearing a path for the Semi in Germany and the rest of Europe: report

Tesla is urging the German government to lift a ban on Sundays and holidays for electric trucks, according to a report.

Recent reports from Germany indicated that a delegation from the electric vehicle manufacturer recently met with Steffen Bilger, the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) to discuss the abolition of the ban that has been in effect since May 1956, among other topics.

The truck ban prohibits commercial trucks weighing 7.5 tons from 12 midnight to 10 p.m on Sundays and holidays with the primary purpose of protecting citizens from noise and pollution. A similar law is also in effect in most countries in Europe.

Following the conversation with the electric car maker, German authorities reportedly pledged to look into the matter. “During a conversation at the BMVI with Mr. Bilger and representatives from Tesla, options for strengthening sustainable modern mobility were discussed, especially with regard to the logistics area,” a Ministry of Transport spokesperson said…

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