Tesla Model Y takes the ultimate off-road challenge…and wins

Tesla Model Y takes the ultimate off-road challenge…and wins

Imagine trekking through the wilderness and out of nowhere a silent vehicle breaks through the woods and appears essentially out of the undergrowth.


The Tesla Model Y crossover is a marvel of electric automotive engineering. While it’s compact SUV design has been geared by other automakers toward grocery-getting and hauling the family around, Tesla took a much different approach with their car. Not only would the versatility of the body design offer plenty of everyday usage for parents, but it would also offer impressive off-road performance, especially in-part to the inclusion of Off-Road Mode, which is an exclusive feature of the Model Y.

Brian Jenkins of the i1Tesla YouTube channel was one of the first content creators to get his hands on the Model Y back in March when Tesla started deliveries of the vehicle. Jenkins, a notable Tesla supporter and owner of several of the company’s cars, has put the Model Y through the wringer since owning the vehicle. Not only has his all-electric crossover been tested in off-road settings previously, but Jenkins has added several modifications to the car just to help its performance on challenging terrain.

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