They kept driving through the lockdown

They kept driving through the lockdown

DECADES BEHIND THE WHEEL: Ray Barletta was 25 years old and helping load freight when asked if he could move a truck. With no experience, he easily moved the vehicle and now has been doing so for 50 years. Barletta says the business has changed and today there is “little loyalty left in the shipping industry … price rules.”

While many of us feel we’re only now coming out of a three-month lockdown, Ryan Roche has been across the state almost daily and well beyond since COVID-19 arrived in New England.

His is not a job to be done with Zoom meetings or at a computer sitting at home.

Roche drives trucks.

The pandemic has had a mixed effect on the business. On one hand, there’s been far less traffic. According to Peter Alviti, director of the state Department of Transportation, the average daily traffic for April on Interstate 95 was off by nearly 45 percent. In May, it was…

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