is a Charity organization that will assist in the immediate travel, lodging, and ground transportation needs of truck drivers and their immediate families.

Whether to the truck drivers location or for the driver to travel home in such a case.

Additionally, in the event of loss of drivers life, we will pay the transportation of his/her remains home.

Currently, offers assistance to North American Truck Driver’s through the following six programs:

1.) Loss of life of a Truck Driver,
2.) Severe Injury of a Truck Driver,
3.) Major Medical Event of a Truck Driver,
4.) Any of the above occurring to a member of a Truck Driver at home, and
5) our mobility Program which began the ground work to establish a network of providers to retro fit homes of North American Truck Drivers for mobility and accessibility needs.
6.) Grief Counseling with our on staff Chaplain or independent Grief Counselors through our voucher program.

**note** program coverage is for current employed/self employed CDL holders and their immediate household members **

Our programs are not designed for those quitting or have been terminated from employment


We are also developing two additional programs. The first of these programs; (7) would provide a check in the amount of $1,000 to the immediate next of kin of a fallen Driver within 24 hours to help offset any related costs they may have.

Final development of and implementation of program (7) is anticipated to be announced in mid 2019.

Program eight, also in development was informally announced on 03 March 2016. By early 2020, will have location, groundwork, planning and permits in place to begin operation of a Children’s Camp for the children that lost a CDL truck driver parent out on the road away from home.

These eight major programs will make dramatic changes in assurances and confidence family members, as well as North American Truck Drivers themselves will have, that there is a resource available should any crisis befall them or their loved one’s at home while performing their daily duties of moving our economies.


In 2015, we launched our inaugural Christmas campaign for truckers kids. This annual campaign will help kids endure their first Christmas after losing their CDL trucker parent out on the highway doing his/her job. Additionally, for those truckers that have terminally ill children, we will “grant wishes”. Please see the “Sleigh Bells and Santa” link under our fundraising tab.

We have begun our campaign to raise funds to purchase a RV Coach. This campaign was kicked off in late April 2016 with a $1,000 donation from the Newmar Corporation which will build our coach. More details in early 2019!
Your contribution will make these programs successful in the lives of those impacted by these events.
(“Sleigh Bells and Santa”campaign runs July through December)

Our ability to assist depends only on the financial strength of our Programs.