Trucking Adjusts in Cities Hit Hardest by the Coronavirus

Trucking Adjusts in Cities Hit Hardest by the Coronavirus

Fleet operations have had to be nimble to navigate amid disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus, particularly in hard-hit cities such as New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and Detroit.

Recent data from predictive analytics firm FourKites Inc. showed a drop in load volumes for consumer goods, food and packaging destined for those hard-hit areas after an initial spike the weeks of March 23 and March 30.

It said New York City saw a decline of 14% for the first of those weeks and 10% for the second. San Francisco was down 7% the first week and 10% the second. Detroit increased 2% in the first week before declining 12% in the second. New Orleans fell 11% and 26%, respectively.

Triple G Express primarily hauls mostly intermodal containers primarily servicing the Port of New Orleans, and also operates shorthaul dry vans. Since the pandemic the company has had to deal with a schedule constantly in flux as well as four coronavirus cases among its drivers.

“We were strong the first few weeks of this pandemic and now…


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