Trucking North America in it for the long haul

Trucking North America: in it for the long haul

With a changing model mix and the perennial problem of driver shortages, the US car hauling industry is battling challenges on multiple fronts. But companies are now investing in technology and capacity to future-proof their fleets

The US car hauling market including new and used car shipments and excluding any rail movements was estimated to be around $10 billion in 2019, according to third-party logistics company Acertus, which specialises in last-mile automotive delivery across the US and Canada. At that point, the main headwinds affecting the industry in the US included shortage of car-carrying capacity, electronic driver logbook (ELD) requirements, driver recruitment and predominantly, the trend towards SUVs and electric vehicles (EVs).

Regarding the changing model mix, MarketWatch recently predicted that the….


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