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uship’s television show “Shipping Wars” although 100% inaccurate on how uship really works, the show was entertaining for just over 3 years on A&E. Uship aside, there are several websites that are available online (only a couple that offer mobile apps) and we will give an overview of the selections:

uship (


Transport Reviews: (one star rating)

Overview: Uship has over the years proven that the model of online transportation bids is valid. That is about the extent of it. Uship has been known for cancelling TSP (transportation shipping providers) accounts when they ask questions that seem to hurt the feelings of the Uship staff or how the site is flooded with illegal transporters. There have been situations (personal experience injected) where a transporter has been paid for a load, and they take the money and never ship the product, or worse, keep it for themselves.

One of the main issues is the Uship claims 100% neutrality when a shipment is stolen, a shipment never arrives or any other of the issues that happen there on almost a daily basis. We feel that is is due to the fast they only are in it for the money. Each BBB complaint seems to direct the user to their terms and conditions and no other resolution other than crediting (not returning) their booking fee. Speaking of a booking fee, there are up to 40% fees Uship charges to post, book and match a single load.

Summary: With no protection to the shipper or transporter, Uship is merely a toll booth money taker to release contact information. Users are subject to extraordinary high fees and will not help users when a shipment goes awry. App available 1.9 rating


Citizenshipper reviewCitizenshipper (

Trustpilot Reviews: (5 star rating)

Overview: Citizenshipper is an excellent platform for those who have a vehicle and are looking to make money transporting for shippers. Their main and largest category is pet transport. Their facebook group is managed by Razal Civonavoj and done so quite well! There are some small issues with their site and limited information when looking at the loads but overall, they are running a tight ship and we wish them the best of luck.

Summary: Many shippers are complaining about bids not being accepted but I feel this is the “rate to the bottom” mentality. Hopefully shippers will start to realize nothing is for free. We like Citizenshipper and they care about their shippers.

Veritread ReviewVeritread (

Pissed Consumer:

Overview: Veritread (owned by Jeff Cox) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but not is a good way. It looks like this company is fleecing Ritchie Brothers buyers by forcing transporters to bid high. We can only imagine that this is to bump up their booking fees which they claim to be @ 13% booking fee but that is not accurate. We have been told by several shippers that their fee can exceed 40%! Added to that THEY DO NOT REFUND ANY FEES, this is a recipe for disaster to the shippers. This company will cancel a transporters account for any reason including calling their office for help! They want to be completely hands off and just collect exorbitant fees from unsuspecting shippers.

Summary: Veritread gets the lowest rating (even lower than uship) and even though integrated with ironplanet, there is nothing to show us they are protecting Ritchie Brothers, shippers or transporters on their site. Stay away.

Fr8star review

FR8Star (


Overview: Fr8star born in middle America (Lincoln, Nebraska) does not mean they are laid back country folk. This company is on the forefront of heavy haul load matching fed by their other websites: Truckpaper, Machinery Trader, Tractor House, AuctionTime & Controller. Initially these sites would lead feed to transporters and they ended up creating and launching one of the slickest websites. With a live chat feature and a staff on hand (takes a little while to connect) via chat, they typically have hundreds of loads available for legal transporters and brokers. Their listings tend to have missing information that is required to bid as well as higher

Summary: Nice site, loads available, primarily heavy haul and unpalletized shipments. Sometimes you need to login/out to get it to load correctly but a nice site top match heavy haul on.

uber freight reviewUber Freight (

Overview: Extremely similar to the ride share app, Uber freight has been facing difficult times and word on the streets are they are close to closing this arm of their business due to financial losses. Drivers have been complaining that the rates are typical broker rates and very low per mile for truckers. They are not keeping transporters very long after frustration with the system as well as poor carrier support. Staff on indeed claim mass firings and “doom”. They do like the free food though and free beer!

Summary: Over commercialized and not trucker friendly, It is best to sit on the sidelines and see what happens with this company. App available 3.5 rating

motherload ™

Motherload (


Overview: So, yes we are extremely biased but here is the meat and potatoes. Motherload is the first PWA mobile app that connects shippers with transporters. We do not create a race to the bottom by allowing vetted transporters to bid blind and rate according to their profit. We do not allow brokers to bid on our site. The reasoning behind this is that brokers add unnecessary costs, added confusion and many times, limited support. With horror stories about brokers charging more per mile during the pandemic and paying upwards of 40% less per mile, they made their bed and can now sleep in it. We hope to change the industry by offering a community where shippers and carriers can connect without all the added fees and stress of posting/bidding on a load.

Summary: The modern way top ship anything. PWA App allows small memory on your phone and faster than any other mobile app due to its structure. App available 5.0 rating