Volkswagen launches world's largest low-emissions LNG car transport ship

Volkswagen launches world’s largest low-emissions LNG car transport ship

The article reads some impressive numbers: The 200-meter-long ship reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent, nitrogen oxide by 30 percent, soot by 60 percent and Sulphur oxides by 100 percent compared to the conventional ships, this is pretty impressive. Hopefully VW is not lying like they did with the diesel cars

The China-made Siem Confucius left Emden, Germany, on Tuesday with 4,800 cars onboard bound for Veracruz, Mexico. According to the automaker, which is still trying to clean up its image in the wake of the “dieselgate” scandal

According to VW, the ships cruise at 16.5 knots (~19 mph) in eco mode and can also run on egas or biogas if necessary.

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