What’s next for trucking industry? Many truckers not only looking for freight to haul, but masks and even lunch

Julio Diaz was filling up at an Aurora truck stop when he got a lunchtime surprise: a boxed lunch, a face mask and a thank you for keeping the country’s food and other items rolling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the weekend, Diaz was one of 30 drivers at the Pilot Flying J travel center who received a box from employees of Kavkaz Express, a Denver-based trucking company. Diaz, who lives in Pembroke Pines, Fla., is glad for the increased awareness of the role truckers play in keeping the nation’s stores stocked.

“Everywhere people are saying thank you for your service. Sometimes, on the bridges, you see people with flags and saying thank you. We feel appreciated, finally,” said Diaz, raising his fist.

However, the focus on the folks who deliver the toilet paper, milk, meat and other items in demand since the coronavirus outbreak escalated hasn’t made life on the road any easier. It’s actually gotten…


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