Another shipper scammed on uship (Pet Shipping)

Unfortunately, sites like #uship offer no protection for shippers. The listing was deleted by uship to hide the scam. Motherload does not ship personal items or pets. If you get a request via Motherload, it is a scam and please notify us ASAP

uship scam

Personal information was removed:

This is the text messages I rec’d from her telling me Friday July 10th that I would be receiving her today by 4:30pm via uship!
It is now 7:30 p.m. and I called your company to find out for myself why you were so late, only to find out there was no such transaction ever made!
You suggested I may be a victim of a scaM by her.
I am feeling sad and defeated. I paid close to $500 dollars!
Why are we of such a non trusting race anymore?
Please give me some feedback on what you find out from her.
I would like to know her address as I will take a trip there and see if it actually a residence.

Thank you.