Another wonderful product from China folks: Harbor Freight recalls 1.7 million jack stands, government says stop use immediately

You would think with a name Pittsburgh Automotive, you are buying an American made product, do not be fooled

This recall for floor jacks sold exclusively for Harbor Freight shows the problem with buying goods made in China. CBS News covered this subject close to 10 years ago and still nothing has been done to stop the influx of crap made in China.

If you look online just about every article fails to mention that this product is produced in China. Below is proof. We need to stop buying cheap crap from China and start buying American made. If you are not sure if what you are buying is made in America, just ask the vendor. If they fail to answer, skirt the subject, straight out lie or try to convince you that it is a quality product shop elsewhere. The only way to stop China from profiting from American is to stop buying their products.

Pittsburgh Automotive actually a China company Jiaxing Golden Roc Tools Co., Ltd



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