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With the coronavirus (COVID-19) now being felt across every aspect of daily life – including logistics supply chains around the world – the safety of Motherload shippers, carriers, and employees continues to be our top priority daily.

To ensure the health and safety of our community, the Motherload staff is currently conducting all business functions remotely. We know that many people rely on our platform to make a living and keep their businesses afloat, which is why we will continue to support those needs remotely.

We are monitoring our government requirements to remain safe and “flatten the curve” we should not see any potential developments that may impact pickup and delivery for both shippers and service providers. Rest assured, though we may be working from home offices and dining room tables, our team is here and ready to provide the same level of support our users have come to expect.


While we function as an exclusive an online marketplace that connects shippers with transporters, we feel a responsibility to remind ALL parties who may have person-to-person contact (such as a handshake) of the importance of health and safety measures.

Given that a transporter can be in physical contact with multiple shippers in a given day there is a heightened requirement for both parties not to share, pass, or contract COVID-19. As a result, we strongly recommend the following actions:

We recommend carriers travel with a copy of their BOL to ensure proof of work.

DO NOT SHAKE HANDS Fist bumps, elbow bumps or the like feel awkward compared to handshakes but for everyone’s safety, please avoid it. Medical professionals say shaking hands is the easiest way to spread the virus coupled with close contact within 6 feet.

PROVIDE THRESHOLD SERVICE ONLY At this time, we are advising carriers who service our business shippers to refrain from making room-of-choice deliveries. To ensure everyone’s safety, transporters should only be offering threshold service.

PROMOTE HEALTH ETIQUETTE If the situation allows, provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers or a place to wash their hands with warm, soapy water. Cover when coughing and follow the CDC Guidelines here

HAVE PATIENCE If shipper or transporter is facing circumstances related to the virus, show some understanding. We’re all in this together.




Should drivers continue to deliver to people’s homes?

Transporters: Please use your best judgment and pay close attention to CDC, state, and local guidelines when bidding on and completing shipments. If you prefer to not enter the pickup or delivery location, please proactively communicate your plans with the customer before delivering or picking up the shipment. If you already have the shipment in your possession, please communicate your preferred method of delivery with the customer as soon as possible.

Shippers: Please exercise patience and understanding should a driver seek delivery alternatives and please let your carrier know if you prefer a “no contact” delivery.

What is a “no contact” delivery?

A “no contact” delivery is completed when the driver drops your items on a porch, outside a garage, or at some other location that does not require them to enter your home.

Is Motherload providing a “no contact” delivery option?

We have no plans to create a new delivery type through our product at this time. We’re asking that carriers and customers take appropriate precautions based on government regulations and guidelines.



What if a shipment becomes delayed or canceled due to travel restrictions?

At this point in time, Motherload staff does not expect to see widespread restrictions on travel within the US. It is the responsibility of the transporter to check regional limits on travel or delivery before bidding on or picking up a shipment. You will not be penalized for cancellations related to COVID-19 restrictions. Please reach out to Motherload Member Support if you run into any situation or need to cancel a shipment.

Will Motherload alert users to any travel restrictions that will impact active bids or picked up shipments?

Motherload will try to keep all our valued members updated but it is ultimately the responsibility of the transporter to check state and federal requirements on travel or delivery before bidding on or picking up a shipment.

What if I am in possession of a customer’s shipment and travel restrictions prevent me from making the delivery?

If you believe that any travel restrictions in place are preventing you from delivering a shipment, please take the following steps:

  • Contact the shipper to alert them that the delivery will be delayed and eta.
  • If the shipper accepts a delayed delivery and you are able to store the item, please make arrangements to store the item until delivery is possible. Please don’t be a jerk and try to charge for storage fees.
  • If the shipper would prefer to have the shipment returned to its origin or you are not able to store the item, please make a reasonable effort to return the item to the pickup location. You are not required to do so at a loss of revenue.

You will not be penalized for cancellations related to COVID-19 restrictions. Please reach out to Motherload Member Support if you run into any issues.

What if a transporter is in possession of my shipment and there are travel restrictions prevent the delivery?

If you believe newly enacted travel restrictions may close a delivery location or otherwise prevent a scheduled delivery from being successfully completed, please take the following steps:

  • Immediately contact the transporter to alert them that delivery may not be possible.
  • Inform the transporter of your preference for delayed delivery or return of the item to its origin.

Please reach out to Motherload Member Support if you run into any issues.


How is COVID-19 impacting shipments on Motherload? 

While the overall economy is uncertain at the moment, the US is open for business to flow for interstate and intra-state transporters. Motherload will continue to be a premier source for shipments by transporters who continue to perform this essential service. The safety of our communities remains Motherload’s top focus and we will continue to update this blog post as state and local regulations shift.

Does Motherload have a business continuity plan in response to COVID-19?

Yes, Motherload has a plan in response to COVID-19 which outlines all business functions/areas of work and appropriate resource and personnel backup. As a part of this plan, all employees are on mandatory work-from-home as of April 2020.


How can I make sure my LTL Shipments are successfully picked up or delivered?

Although transporters may be running short staffed, situations are changing rapidly with state and local regulations surrounding business closures. Make sure to stay in contact with your shipper or receiver to ensure that they will be available to release for pick up or receive your freight delivery. If you are concerned about a delivery location not being available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. it would be wise to add a delivery appointment.

How can I avoid additional charges for LTL Shipments due to COVID-19?

To avoid charges for pickup dry runs, redelivery, and storage it is best to make sure that the pickup and delivery locations are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If a shipment is not delivered, you can charge a redelivery fee or storage fee per the carriers rules and tariff only. Please note that Motherload is not liable for any transit delays, shipment refusals, or additional costs due to COVID-19.

Can I still book Guaranteed LTL Rates?

Motherload suggests not offering Guaranteed LTL rates on our marketplace. Due to COVID-19, many LTL carriers are not approving refunds if freight delivers go past the Guaranteed transit time. Freight booked at a Guaranteed rate will still move more quickly than a Standard Rate shipment, however, they may not provide reimbursement if this shipment is delayed. We recommend reaching out to your carrier to confirm their current policy, as the situation is changing rapidly.

As always, you can still contact Motherload Member Support if you have any questions or concerns. We thank you for your continued use of Motherload and look forward to helping get your shipment on the road!

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