freightclub tries yet again for shopify integration - hope they dont fail again

Freightclub tries again to launch shopify rate calculator

The CEO of Motherload has worked with Freightclub and knows that this is not something new but a pain point they have with rating correctly. After some brief testing, it seems to be buggy and not worth the development costs. Couple that with very high shipping rates compared to other LTL providers, they have a tough road ahead of them… again

BURNABY, BC, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Freight Club, specializing in e-commerce, announced today the launch of their latest Shopify integration giving merchants a powerful and timely advantage: cart-level, real-time shipping quotes that leverage Freight Club’s competitive enterprise rates (which are higher than other solutions) on both parcel and LTL. It comes at a time of unprecedented demand for many online sellers finding themselves unprepared, panicked and struggling to manage current volumes…



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