Minnesotans lose thousands in online auto shipper scam

Minnesotans lose thousands in online auto shipper scam

Fake sellers and shippers promise to deliver vehicles, then don’t. This is important for anyone who is purchasing a vehicle.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning Minnesotans about scams in which auto dealers and shippers ask customers to wire money for cars they have bought online.

The problem is neither the cars nor the companies exist.

Several people who wired money for vehicles listed for an improbably low price on a website are now out thousands of dollars through the scheme, including one customer who lost $34,000 and a second who lost $10,000, said Bao Vang, communications director for the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Fergus Transportation, Nebula Freight, MN Express Logistics, Hashi Freight LLC, Ziegler/Zeigler Freight, WDS Transport, Nationwide Transport Services, A1AutoTransport.com and USTopCars.com are among the companies the BBB has identified as fake companies and put warnings on their business profiles.

“MN Express Logistics is not a legitimate vehicle shipping company, but a ‘fake vehicle shipper’ scheme designed to get customers shopping for vehicles online to wire money for vehicles they will never ultimately receive,” one warning reads.

The warnings advise would-be car buyers not to…

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