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Freightcenter I feel is one of the easiest to use TMS’ available online. Unfortunately it looks like the rest of the company is failing its shippers. This is one of the reasons we do not allow brokers to transport on Motherload.

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3.5 stars: Average

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Hopefully you are reading this (and the related horrible reviews) of FreightCenter before you contracted with them. If so, I’m happy for you. You won’t make the same mistake I did.

I contracted with Freight Center to move a LTL shipment from another state, with White Glove service. White Glove is a standard description throughout the shipping business that promises unloading, moving the cargo to the location of your choice, and cleaning up the packing materials and pallets before leaving. I specified this service, and paid the extra premium cost for. Of course, FreightCenter demands you pay in advance.

When the shipment arrived, the crew refused to move the cargo to my preferred location. When I contacted FreightCenter, they likewise refused to take any action to fulfill the contracted services, and demanded an additional $650 to move the load to the final location. A considerable number of phone calls and emails later, they STILL refused.

Now I am left with pursuing other remedies, up to legal action. Do yourselves a favor. Do not deal with this fraudulent, deceitful and dishonest company.

Avoid this company if you can possible help it. What their customer service people tell you and what they later charge you will be different and they will make it so difficult to fight (and time consuming) that you will finally give up – like we did.
We packed everything up in Uhaul boxes (they were great) and picked up a pallet from Home Depot (also super helpful). We weighed everything and rounded up so we wouldn’t have an issue with the carrier. We measured everything and then we called Freight Center. Because we were shipping personal effects, they said they would need to rate the shipment as a Class 150 shipment. For those of you who don’t know, this usually addresses the density of a shipment and helps carriers charge the right amount for the size / weight of the shipment. We were quoted a price which we agreed to and paid. We drove everything to the trucking company that FreightCenter had set this up with . . . loaded up the pallet in their parking lot and shrink wrapped it. The Carrier – (YRC) was also very helpful – letting us use some of their heavy duty shrink wrap as ours was light duty. The person on the dock weighed the pallet and found that it was 20 pounds less than what we had paid to Freight Center.
At this point we thought we were in great shape.
The goods arrived in Buffalo and one of the boxes was damaged but all things considered – we were fine.
Then we got notice from Freight Center that the bill should not have been for Class 100 as it had been billed by YRC to Freight Center . . . .but it should have been 125. They charged us another $131 US including a fee for reclassifying the freight. If our shipment should have been 125, we should have been getting a discount because we had paid the higher rate based on the household 150 classification.
We spent considerable time trying to resolve this in a friendly, courteous manner. To no avail. Freight Center would not hear anything and refused to talk sense. Most people don’t understand the freight classification system and that’s what they appear to count on – baffle with BS so you just pay the bill and move on.
BOTTOM LINE. Based on our experience, the price FreightCenter agrees to and what they eventually will charge you will be different, even if you do everything you agree to from you side. And then they will make it so difficult for you to resolve the difference, you will just give up in frustration. Expect to pay considerably more than what anyone quotes you at FreightCenter

1 star: Bad

If you’re reading this review, you’re likely sitting where I was sitting about a month ago. You have an item you need to ship and your looking for a solution. And this is the first thing that came up. Now the prices are good. But you’re weary to proceed because there are some scathing reviews about FreightCenter. I would urge you right now to close this page and look at another company. There are better options. You do not need to settle for this.
Over a month ago I needed an aircraft engine shipped. The engine weighed exactly 523.62lbs (I know, very specific but with airplanes center of gravity and balance are kind of an issue. So the exact weight needs to be known) anyway, this was strapped to a standard 48 x 48 pallet weighing 40 pounds. And was then surrounded with 1/8in plywood to protect it. Anyway, I put it on the scale and it weighed just over 573lbs. So after reading some reviews and realizing most negative reviews said that they scam you by claiming your item weighs more than it actually does. I decided to play it safe and get my quote for 600lbs. As it didn’t cost anything more because it was going by dimensional weight. So I pay. And my item gets delivered to me no problem. In fact, I got it 2 days sooner than expected. So I was happy and this was going to be a 5 star review. But 27 days after its delivered (just reiterating, 27 DAYS) I get a notice that my item was overweight by 285lbs. Weighing a total of 885lbs. Now I don’t know who’s A ( they won’t let me swear) they pulled this number out of. Maybe the fat F who was weighing it was accidentally standing on the scale too. IDK. But F my A if that was 885lbs. And they want to charge me an extra $200 for it. But the real kicker is that my engine was picked up 32 days ago and was supposedly weighed when it was picked up. But nothing was brought to my attention. No email, no phone call stating that there was an issue and that my item was overweight or that it would end up costing more than quoted. 27 days after delivery. When you’ve completely forgotten about it. They’ll try and sneak in an extra charge. This is not my first time shipping Airplane engines . But it’s definitely my last time shipping with freight center. If you continue reading other reviews you will notice that my complaint is the same as many others. Please Do not make the same mistake I did.
Now, i’m sure I’m going to get some generic looney toon response from some sleezebag customer service rep stating that their sorry for the inconvenience and I should call them to sort things out. I am not here to sort things out. I’m here to prevent anyone else from making the mistake of shipping with FreightCenter.

1 star: Bad

Horrible service!!! Quoted me one price, I provided the exact weight and everything they asked of me. Delivered 6 days later than promised by the rep. Finally a month later I see another charge more than the initial quoted price on my charge card. This was done without my authorization. So, I call them to resolve the issue with pictures of the shipment, bill of landing all clearly showing the exact weight. They didn’t even pretend to care, they sent me a blurry pic that you weren’t even able to tell it was my shipment and said I was a 1000 pound over weight and this was there final decision. They are definitely not getting away with this!!! The Better Business Bureau will be informed of how they are scamming people!!!

1 star: Bad

Terrible Customer Service

I just was just hung up on by one of their representatives. I was just wanting to get a quote on moving an item and they wanted to set up a profile. I offered to go on line and set one up myself, but the woman said she could do it. I gave her my name, zip codes, but when she asked me for my phone number I told her I wasn’t ready to give my phone number as I am just inquiring. She then hung up on me. I called her back thinking we were disconnected and she admitted hanging up on me because she never encountered someone that wasn’t willing to give her the information she requested. I suggested she say good bye instead of hanging up as she was a terrible representation of the company. I then said good bye and hung up. W
Wonderful representation Freight Center.

1 star: Bad

Sent me to collections for their mistake!

Terrible experience all around. First of all they tried to add on unneeded accessorial charges to my original quote. They tried to add on limited access pickup because the pickup location had a fence around it and they tried to add a notification charge for a will call pickup. Neither charge would have been applied by the carrier as they are not warranted so I am sure Freightcenter would have kept the monies for the bogus charges. They did call me as they were trying to add the charges and I was able to convince them not to add the charges. I have 20 years in the freight industry so I was able to argue my point but I am sure they are ripping off people that are not familiar with the freight industry. Now to the issue they sent me to collections over. There was a problem with the shipment and I needed the pickup cancelled. I sent a request through Freightcenter’s website to cancel the pickup(before it was picked up) which I received a cancellation confirmation the following morning. I also received a full refund minus the cancellation charge. It turns out Freightcenter never cancelled the pickup with the carrier as I get a call from the Saia a few days later stating the order was picked up and now ready for me to pickup. I told Saia the pickup was cancelled and did not want the shipment. Saia contacts Freightcenter who then fraudulently charges my credit card the amount they had refunded. I request Freightcenter to again refund my money as it was their error and they refused. I end up getting my money back after disputing the charge with my credit card company. Months later I get a letter from a collection agency for an amount that is more then $50 greater then the disputed amount. Now I am stuck fighting with the collection agency over something that Freightcenter should have owned up to and written off.

1 star: Bad

Worst of the worst

Worst of the worst, they will lie to you, trick you….too much bad things to write about them.

1 star: Bad

They didn’t follow through on damaged…

They didn’t follow through on damaged product. It was damaged upon pickup and further damaged in transit. I don’t have the item and they won’t pay.

As with previous clients i asked for a quote and shipped 3 pallets of merchandise that was weighed correctly and measured carefully. A week after delivery they charged my credit card an additional 60% of the original fee for what they said was 50lbs extra. That same 50lbs would cost $35 dollars with UPS. They charged $312.
Total Scammers!

5 stars: Excellent

Freight Center Excellent

Jared at Freight Center looking after us start to finish and was on point the entire way. He saved our day! L. Hatash.

I have been doing logistics for over 40 years. Dealt with this company recently and was fed nothing but lies, Be careful if you think they care. Customer service does not exist

1 star: Bad

ABF Pro 089252750 shipment:

ABF Pro 089252750 shipment:

I recently shipped with Freight Center for medical equipment going to California from Georgia. When I created the shipment I was going on past experiences with other broker type companies. I shipped the refurbished imaging equipment on a pallet with multiple levels of bubble wrapping and strapping to the pallet. The shipment was confirmed by a representative from freight center who called with the correct class and dimensions. At the time of BOL being prepared, the representative mentioned that additional insurance could be purchased but that carrier maintained insurance for the shipment as well. ABF Freight picked up the shipment based on unconfirmed testimonials of people who used Freight Center and this carrier? Shipment was delivered to customer in California completely unpackaged and off the original pallet (No White Glove Service). Driver delivered the equipment with wheel and monitor broken off cart system and again removed from strapped pallet. Driver did not note the damage at delivery and had a front office person sign for shipment without knowledge of damaged product! A claim for the damage was made with carrier in 48 hours who spent several weeks reviewing obvious damage photos and receipts for replacement. The claim was denied by representative of ABF because they stated the shipment did not follow the NMFC guidelines for packaging? If ABF and Freight Center are serious about this guideline then they should make all shippers crate their equipment and make it known on their website in addition to informing the customer they most certainly need to have additional insurance without fail because the carrier will always deny your claim! I’m very unimpressed with how ABF and in some part Freight Center accepted shipment and not making every effort to inform the customer that you are not covered no matter what? Freight Center should make every effort to mediate very obvious poor service by their company and shippers. I will continue to leave very bad testimonials of this service to help keep customers informed and until my claim is resolved appropriately.

Ron Reed

I purchased an item that was to be delivered via the freight center. Although The seller contracted with them , I was the recipient. The seller , an honest person ,gave them the correct information including my phone number. I saw the contract.
No one from the freight center called me. I called them when I discovered via online tracking that my shipment would arrive a day early. I took a day off from work.
When no one arrived I called the freight center only to be told that I should call UPS ??- the carrier that freight center hired to ship my furniture.
Upon speaking with the local ups dispatch appointment desk I was told that they never received my phone number !
I then made a delivery appointment for the next day but was told it could only be between 4 and 6 pm
Once again a NO SHOW ! AND , NO CALL ! Ups claimed that the driver did not have an adequate lift for the crate. I wonder how they got it in the truck ?
But I will tell you the real reason for the non delivery … it is because I refused to pay to have the driver take it down from the truck ?? That is part and parcel of the contractual agreement.
Eventually after calling UPS corporate , the item was delivered to the street .
And a day later they had the nerve to tell me I should send them a credit card authorization for in home delivery ??? Are you kidding me ? Thankfully I knew enough from reading trust pilot.
Stay away from this scam operation that can’t even record phone numbers correctly. Book directly with freight companies and save yourself money and time !

Freightcenter is nothing but a scam. They hid behind fine print and constantly charge hundreds of dollars after the fact for ‘reclassification of packages’ even though the weights and dims were verified prior to shipping. They also missed my delivery date by 4 days despite being reassured by the sales associate that the shipment would be on time. Complete and utter disgusting business practices. Look at any review site. You will see a bunch of quick obviously fake reviews hiding a laundry list of incredibly upset customers… DO NOT USE.

I needed to crate and ship two ovens, nothing special, just two pretty small commercial ovens. They told me with no explanation they couldn’t ship.I’m wondering: are you guys a shipping company or what?

I purchased a piece of machinery at an auction and was unable to pick it up until the last day Jason Frank at freight Center made it happen with short notice. Kept in contact with me and great to deal with on the phone.

The booking process is very straight forward and easy to follow. The varied payment options as well as being able to choose from a selection of different couriers, depending on the destination or size of the parcel, are very useful. If there has ever been a problem, they have worked tirelessly and speedily to resolve it satisfactorily. Five stars and I highly recommend Freight Center to anyone. I placed my order and communication was perfect. Very helpful and informative and i was able to get it processed very quick and easy.

Simplicity is what i look for when creating big shipments and this is the best place to go. Extremely reliable and always willing to give 100% with everything you need a hand with. Customer Service was Excellent and i felt very safe and secure leaving my shipment in their hands.

After i placed my order, they contacted me with a price to transport which was better than i expected. I had a look around online and these guys were the best in the business! They also gave me pin point accurate delivery time and information. I got a confirmation call for when my item was going to be delivered with a time also. I could not be more satisfied with the service as it was my first time using a transportation company. They have never disappointed me and our shipment always arrives intact.

I would definitely recommend them to friends and family and would use them again in the near future. After dealing with many courier agents, finding Freight Center was like finding a Gold Mine. Their service is way beyond any service ever received. Nothing is a problem, everything is fixable, every member of staff is always eager to help in sometimes desperate situations. I wouldn’t consider ever using a courier direct now or any other courier agent due to
Freight Center very low costs and super helpful customer service team.

As a small growing business with limited resources it’s great to have such a company to work as an extension, and manage our international logistics out in the big world. Their call center team are the ultimate professionals, and every time I call up with an issues they always manage to get bring me back down with a smiling voice and a polite and friendly attitude.

I felt their communication was first rate from start to finish. Honestly its the best international shipment we have EVER received, and we do this quite a lot. I do not understand why they have received some poor reviews, I would have 100% confidence in using them again anytime the need arises!

This company stands out from the rest. Their quote is fully inclusive and what they don’t cover they tell you about and if you have any queries, they are answered immediately by any medium you choose (telephone/email/etc).

Overall, Excellent Service, Excellent Staff, Excellent Outcome. Best in the business and by far the most affordable. Looking forward to using you again in the near future. Thank you.

Felicia was wonderful. Great communication updated us regularly and helped me navigate the website however pick up that was scheduled between 1 and 6 never happened. Waited all day and then they showed up the next day when no one was home. No phone call. Nothing. We were trying to figure out how to set up another date when they showed up without any notice in the early evening the next night and luckily my husband was home for the pick up.

Linda Hart displayed exemplary expertise and performance. Smart, reliable, and fast. Master of details which results in excellent service.

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