Why Using Verified and Legal Transporters is the Only Way to Ship

We have see absolute horror stories of people using load matching websites and having items stolen, never picked up or help hostage. Below are some stories we gleaned online to show you the reason why Motherload only offers vetted, legal and insured transporters to move shipments.

The reports below are not published by us but merely a public response to sites that allow illegal transporters without recourse to the shipper(s). These and more truthful reviews are located here, here, here and here

Story of items stolen:

On October 2, 2019 we hired a uship ( a 5 star five-star contractor …. According to their website) to pick up family heirlooms furniture from Michigan to be delivered to Philadelphia. The shipment was verified from a family member that was picked up. They arrived in a U-Haul with a 350 pound woman, man & a 9-year-old boy. Our family member had to help them load the furniture as they were not able to lift the furniture onto the U-Haul. After 5 days went beyond the Agreed upon delivery date both Uship & us started reaching out to the phone number we had for the person actually doing the shipping ….phone calls were never answered. Uship Completely through their hands up and said they could not help in any way. They credited our account for the shipping them out. We mistakenly did not take insurance. It turns out our driver who had rented a U-Haul truck had been arrested in route to our house. ALL of our items are in a U-Haul warehouse close to Canton Ohio where he was arrested. Turns out the driver was in hock to U-Haul for $11,000 & had put 10,000 miles on his U-Haul truck that he rented for a month. Now this is where it gets more twisted… According to u-haul … We are not allowed to access our possessions without hiring a lawyer to go after the driver (Who was arrested … keep up with the story) to get him to admit that these items are in fact our items. This was a five-star shipper. If I was a scriptwriter for Netflix series … no one would believe this script. Bottom line is Uship fraudulently Misrepresented this shipper with a five-star rating. When things broke bad … Uship would not help us at all. I can understand if the furniture came damaged and uship could say were not responsible. This is a far different situation. This is a shipper who was represented to be an outstanding vendor with 70+ successful deliveries according to this Uship website. It was because of that information on this website we chose the shipper. The driver did not even have a valid drivers license. So he had somebody else rent the U-Haul for him. Our lawyer tells us this guy has a long police rap sheet & simply could have the scam where he just simply sells our furniture. Uship clearly never vetted this shipper. This sounds more and more like an NETFLIX episode “Breaking Bad”.

LESSON LEARNED: 1: Do not believe what you see on their website. This is been a nightmare. 2: Take insurance.

Websites reply to this complaint

We are terribly sorry to hear about the experience this customer had with their transporter. uShip is a neutral venue that serves as a marketplace for shipping customers and service providers. The reviews found on service provider accounts are left from shipping customers and are not influenced by uShip in any way. The customer worked with our support staff and our Trust and Safety team is looking into this service provider.


Story of items never picked up:

I booked a shipment with ******** ********* ******** through UShip. They were scheduled to show up “late afternoon” on Saturday. I contacted them at 8:34pm and they said they were sorry but the driver had been involved in an accident and would not arrive until “late afternoon” on Sunday. I had to cancel my flight for Sunday morning in order to meet the driver. I tried to contact the driver at 2:41pm to ask for an arrival time. I did not get a response. At 9:01pm I tried again. Still no response. I called the company office on Monday afternoon to report the incident and was treated rudely and hung up on.

Story of items held hostage:

I signed up with Uship to have a desk and hutch delivered from Maryland to Texas on August 23,2019. I still have not received my items. The carrier was completely dishonest and brought my items to his warehouse without my knowledge or consent. They have not done anything to get my items delivered.

Websites reply to this complaint

The selected service provider was unable to finish the shipment. The shipping customer has the location of the items. It will be the responsibility of the shipping customer to make arrangements to get the items. If the customer wants to use uShip, our support staff can help create listings and add a complimentary credit. However, uShip will not be able to pay for a new shipment. The shipping customer purchased insurance and has filed a claim. Anything regarding the claim will need to be worked out with the insurance company.

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