Setting Up Your Account

How Do I Get Started?

NOTE: Typing addresses are predictive. Start typing address to see drop down of location when creating account and posting a shipment

You can register as a shipper in just a few easy steps.

  1. On the home page of the Motherload website, click the REGISTER link in the top menu.
  2. Select I am a shipper
  3. Enter your Company Information (name, address, email, and your phone #), select a secure password.
    1. Secure passwords are required to have the below information
      1. Be more than 6 characters long
      2. Contain at least one Uppercase letter
      3. Contain at least one Lower case letter
      4. Contain at least one numeric value
      5. Contain at least one special character
  1. Click Next.
  2. Our system will confirm the phone# and/or email address are not in use currently.

And that’s it! Your account is now live. You will be required to enter a credit card to validate your account and identity.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Shipper requirements

Shippers are required to list a shipment as accurate as possible. Each category allows specific information to be entered as well as up to 8 images. Failure to properly post and represent your shipment on Motherload, will result in added costs by the transporter once shipment has been inspected.

Account Settings

The Account side menu lets you update your profile, contact Motherload support team as well as view your orders, update your profile and view Mohterload website

Motherload Shipper Walkthrough


Profile Settings

You can update your profile by selecting profile on the sidebar menu

motherload shipper profile picture sidebar menu



Your listed email and mobile # that you verified when creating your account will be use to receive notifications from Motherload and Transporters in reference to your shipment.

You may see one or all of these email or sms messages while using this marketplace:

  • Shipment bid sent
  • Shipment Accepted
  • Updated Bid
  • Shipment tracking
  • Shipment status
  • Message from transporter (public)
  • Message from transporter (private)


Navigating Motherload

Posting Loads on Motherload App

Motherload has created a flow for shippers to easily and quickly post loads.

Once you have validated your account (via OTP and Credit Card) you will be brought to the below page.

Click on GET SHIPPING QUOTES button to get started

get shipping quotes on Motherload walk through



NOTE: You can receive instant rates on many car and truck shipments and accept the rate and have a carrier lined up without waiting for bids. If you have time, you can always put your shipment up for bid.  


At any time you can change your category by clicking the highlighted category

CHANGE YOUR CATEGORY on Motherload walk through


Motherload offers helpers on many pages. All you need to do is click the ? icon

Motherload HELPERS icons


You can post a load for a maximum of 30 calendar days. You can also purchase shipping insurance (Learn More) and get full coverage outside the transporters’ cargo coverage. Calculate amount will be listed at the bottom of your page above the check box for terms and conditions.

You have the ability to add up to 8 images to your listing.

selecting timeframe and shipping insurance on shipping side motherload


  • Prior to submitting a bid, a transporter can send public messages to you asking questions about the shipment you have listed. 
  • Once a transporter submits a bid, all future questions will be private messages between you and transporter.


Once you complete the shipment posting, you have the ability to view all your posted loads and filter categories as needed

filter your shipmetns on Motherload walk through

You can also select map view to view your loads

navigating Motherload app for Shippers map view button

navigating Motherload app3

NOTE: Once a transporters bid is accepted or you choose an instant rate, the booking fee and shipping insurance will be processed on your credit card on your account. Once processed, you will receive the transporters contact information to arrange your transport as well as payment direct to the carrier


Dashboard Load Navigation

From your dashboard, you will see the below top menu. There are 4 selections based on your status and loads you have bid or won.

OPEN: Loads that are awaiting bids or no bid has been approved

TENDERED: Loads you have awarded or vehicle shipments available with approved rates

COMPLETED: Loads that have delivered and marked as delivered

Motherload dashboard Load Navigation

NOTE: When a transporter marks a load delivered, you will receive an email to confirm delivery as well as provide feedback for the transporter and other shippers. 


As you start approving loads on our marketplace, you will receive notification to provide feedback for your transporter.

Motherload is a marketplace and community and relies on shippers like you to honestly provide feedback. Each transporter is feedback rated and as part of terms of use, you are required to provide a star rating as well as a personal note for your transporter.

Once you get notified of a delivery, please take moment to provide your feedback.

Communicating With Transporters

Any question you answer from a transporter will be public for other transporters to view.

NOTE: Once a transporter places a bid, any future communication will be private.

You can view all questions at the bottom of the shipment window

navigating Motherload app.6

The pop up window allows you to communicate with the shipper to ask questions about the load so you can bid accordingly. You are required to bid “ALL IN” on any load available on Motherload.

navigating Motherload app.7

NOTE: You are prohibited to discuss rates, fees, or any direct communication (email/phone/website/company name). Failure to do so will suspend your account

Bidding & Payments

How Do I Pay?

One of the most important things you will need to understand is how you will pay for your services.

Motherload charges a small booking fee once a bid is accepted. That fee is a direct payment to Motherload that also includes shipping insurance if selected.


The remainder of the cost will be paid directly to the transporter. Motherload does not accept any direct transporters cost that was bid and payment will be arranged directly with transporter.


Accurately Listing a Shipment

When transporters bid, they consider the below to properly calculate a bid. Most transporters understand how to properly bid on a load and these are merely informational to you, the shipper:

  • Shipment criteria (size/weight/services)
  • Origin and Destination mileage and geographic locations
  • How much fuel will the trip take, including pick-up, drop-off and dead heading?
  • Will they need extra time for loading or unloading? Will they need to hire an extra pair of hands?
  • Will there be any additional charges? Transporters may have tolls along your route or maybe stay overs if your transport is far
  • What are their operating costs? Most transporters know their fixed costs per mile and include this when rating

NOTE: You must list your shipment as accurately as possible. Failure to do so will result in added charges once shipment is inspected

If you made a mistake on your listing, contact us with your load ID for support

Shipper Disputes

One of the many security features Motherload offers has implemented to create a secure and trustworthy community is our dispute support service. Anyone who’s dissatisfied with their transaction for any reason can use this service to initiate a dispute. 

If you are unhappy with your transaction, please contact the Motherload support staff first. We will do our best to come to a successful resolution. We also request you make yourself available for our staff if questions arise.

Shipper Claim of Damage

Motherload offers shippers the ability to get 3rd party shipping insurance for piece of mind. In the event that a shipper has selected our 3rd party shipping insurance, we ask they file a claim here first so we can review the supporting documents.

If a transporter fails to file a claim with their insurance provider or does not actively help a shipper file a claim for damage or loss, their account will be suspended.

Motherload can also offer the shipper instructions on how to file a claim against a transporters authority/bond.

We are creating a community of respectable shippers and transporters. Any nefarious actions by any party can result in immediate suspension.


Pearls of Knowledge

The benefit of using Motherload

Our team feels that we have created a safe environment for shipping and as you post shipments, your potential transporters will be able to ask questions anonymously as well as bid anonymously.

With our secure messaging and ability to safely streamline the shipping process, you will see the benefit of posting your next load to our platform versus any other site, your feedback is key to helping others in the Motherload community

Obviously you want to save money and transporters want to make a profit. By communicating and blind bidding, transporters have a requirement to bid accordingly and sihppers can receive honest bids that are much lower than another other site or app.

Tracking and Shipment Updates

If you have ever ordered something online, you have clicked a tracking link to see where your order is. Same holds true for you updating tracking for your customer the shipper.

Transporters are required to update transit and your shipments location daily. Failure to do so can have a negative affect your feedback to the transporter. 

Note: If a transporter has failed to provide daily updates to allow you to track your shipment, please contact us. We will contact the transporter on your behalf and inform them of the requirement as well as the possibility for negative feedback.

Can I Contest a Review?

We understand things can go awry and that two parties may not agree on the details that have created a bad review.

If you posted a review that you would like to update, please contact us at

We will investigate the situation and obtain both sides of the situation and we could take one of the below actions:

  • Re-post the original review
  • Remove the review completely
  • Modify the review to reflect our decision
Why Can't Brokers Be Allowed to Ship?

Initially when we were planning to build Motherload, we debated if brokers should be able to transport. We decided not to allow them to transport. Brokers can post loads but they are not able to dictate rates when posting shipments.

With the Covid-19 status prior to launch of Motherload, we found disturbing articles about how brokers were charging shippers more during the pandemic and lowering the rate per mile to transporters to unheard of rates.

This broker greed created a situation where many transporters had to lose their business and close for good. This honestly pissed us off.

Motherload’s founders do not want to be party to these brokers taking advantage transporters at any time and with the pandemic creating a situation that showed most brokers were stealing from the transporters who are the lifeblood of our country.

If you are a broker and want to bid on loads, you will have to find another site other than Motherload.

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