A Guide to Shipping Personal Belongings in Your Car

Can you pack personal items in your vehicle during car shipping? It is one of the most asked questions by people who are in the middle of their shifting-to-new-place venture. It does make sense as when you are already shipping your car, then why not add some personal items in the backseat to save some money?

You will be happy to know that many companies don’t even charge extra for transporting a few items, but this doesn’t mean packing your car to the brink. You must be aware of the transporters’ rules and regulations, what’s ideal and allowed based on the method of transportation.

Unless you are a car shipping expert, possibilities are you don’t realize the pitfalls of shipping personal belongings in your car can be. While some companies allow carrying a few lightweight items, some don’t allow carrying a single one. Let’s have everything uncovered when packing your vehicle to the brim with items:

Risk of Theft

It rarely happens that an auto transport carrier takes a straight route from point A to point B while shipping your vehicle. They load and unload many other cars and have multiple stops and overnight stays in the long-distance transports. All this creates the probability of theft of the valuables.

The threat is not very common, but real. A vehicle packed with house goods makes a very obvious target. However, packing belongings below the window level makes them less visible and thus reduce the chances of theft.


A car standing on top of a trailer is not necessarily a smooth ride. It goes through various environmental factors, so if items…

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