Choosing a Motorcycle Shipper

Choosing a Motorcycle Shipper

It’s every motorcycle owner’s worst nightmare – it’s time to move and you don’t have a trailer to haul your bike on. While most people would prefer to ride the bike from one location to the next, the fact of the matter is that sometimes this just isn’t possible, and you need motorcycle shipper. Rather than trying to purchase your own trailer and handle things on your own, it’s best to post your shipment on Motherload for free and let our site do the job for you. Let the transporter focus on the details and worry about doing the job right.

When choosing a motorcycle hauler, compare different hauling companies. Look at their certification, experience and customer satisfaction rate. While it can sometimes take a while of digging around to get this type of information (use the Internet, contact your Better Business Bureau), it’s worth it to find a qualified motorcycle shipper. Note, Accredited BBB companies can still have horrible reviews.

Be sure that all the potential candidates you are considering to haul your motorcycle have the proper certification. Your hauler must be registered with the DOT (Department of Transportation) in order to legally transport your motorcycle. Also be sure that your potential haulers have the proper insurance. Do not consider using a hauler who does not have the proper certification or insurance.

The most important thing you can do when choosing a motorcycle hauler is to research the hauler’s track record and the customer satisfaction rate. Ask for a quick history of the company and what it has accomplished. Finding customer reviews, however, can take some field work. Try to find people who have used this company and ask for unbiased, honest accounts of their experiences. You should also do the same when looking for ATV transport.

In the end, making the decision will also rely heavily on the rapport (or lack thereof) that you have established with each the staff of a hauling company. After all, even if a company has all the experience in the world, there’s no reason to choose them if you find working with their staff to be uncomfortable. Be sure to ask each hauler as many questions as you need in order to feel confident about the upcoming haul. Trying to find the best combination of all these factors is the key to choosing the right company.

At Motherload, we’re here to help you find the right motorcycle hauler. Post your job and get bids – then choose among the best prices or service and get your bike on the road.

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