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Driver Rewards: The benefits of staying on Motherload

On Motherload, we encourage open and transparent communication between drivers and shippers. We want you to be able to hash out every last detail before deciding whether or not a transporter or shipping job is right for you.

By contacting shippers through our custom app, you’re working within the system and benefiting from positive feedback other shippers will see. Every review left by a satisfied customer greatly improves your chances of attracting additional business at no additional cost to your company for advertising.

That’s why it’s imperative to keep all communication on-site. If you exchange contact information with a shipper before they book you, you’re not only breaking our Terms of Service but also undermining your own future prospects. So, helping shippers avoid paying our service fee is a quick way to not be part of the Motherload community.

We strongly encourage you to stay on the platform and enjoy the benefits it provides. For further details, please address all questions to