transporter tips on motherload

Ensuring smooth transactions for the transporter

Most shipments go smoothly on Disputes can arise, and are usually due to miscommunication between the driver and the shipper. 

Please take the time to go over the following and ensure a smooth experience for you and your customers.


Most drivers and shippers discuss payment prior to the actual booking. If you’ve not yet discussed this, make sure that both you and the customer are absolutely clear on the payment arrangements. Will you be paid on delivery or upfront? Do you accept credit cards or are you cash-only? What about checks? Making sure that there are no surprises decreases the odds of the transaction falling through.

Still, unforeseen circumstances might force a customer to cancel on you at the last minute. To mitigate this risk, you might want to ask for a small down payment. This could be as much as half of your quote, or it could be a fixed dollar amount. Most customers are wary of paying strangers upfront but remind them that most modes of transportation are pre-pay or at the least COD. Motherload does not offer suggestions on how you should collect payments but suggest that this is discussed prior to a bid being placed.

These negotiations are required to remain on’s message platform, so that there’ll always be a record of anything you and the shipper have agreed to. Being polite and courteous is imperative to getting positive feedback.

If necessary, remind them that Motherload is there to mediate any dispute between you, should one arise.


When initially listing a shipment, some customers request an approximate date for delivery, instead of specific one.  Discuss their exact expectations on pick-up and drop-off dates.

When placing a bid, simply check with the shipper if the delivery dates they’ve listed are set in stone, or simply their preferred time frame for the shipment.

Third Party

The customer you’re communicating with via may or may not be the person who is located at the pick-up or drop-off location. There will usually be a third party involved on delivery or pick up locations.

If there is a 3rd party as part of the transaction, you should be keeping them in the communication process as well.