How to Prepare your Vehicle for International Transportation by Ocean

How to Prepare your Vehicle for International Transportation by Ocean

Buying a vehicle overseas always comes with the next question: how to get it home. Not every seller will offer to take care of this, especially if you managed to get a great deal for a luxury vehicle from a private seller. All that is left is to make the arrangements yourself, which, in most cases, will mean transporting your newly purchased vehicle by sea in a shipping container.

Your Options When Shipping a Car Internationally

You have two main options when it comes to shipping your vehicle internationally. You could either opt for RORO or containerized shipping. Both will involve your vehicle being transported into a shipping container, but there are a few key differences.

RORO – Roll on, Roll Off

You drive in to a container, you drive off. Doesn’t allow for personal items in the vehicle. It’s a fast and efficient way to get your vehicle from one destination to another, but do note that it isn’t always an option.

Containerized Shipping

You have your own container, can also ship other items alongside it. This is great if you have more to ship alongside your vehicle, or if either of the ports you are using don’t offer RORO.

Standard Steps to Take Regardless of Your Shipping Option

When shipping a newly purchased luxury vehicle you need to be aware that there are always risks. Though large, shipping containers are nothing in comparison to the sea itself. Things will move, which means the risk of your vehicle being damaged in some way is there. That is why it is actually worthwhile to have it fully serviced and upgraded before you leave.

  • Remove all personal effects from your vehicle
  • Provide reports to your shipping agent
  • How to Further Protect Yourself and Your Vehicle

Your freight forwarder needs to be:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Bonded

Purchase Cargo Insurance

Always go through the extra cost of paying for cargo insurance. The seas can be rough and though rare, these ships can sink. Insurance is the only way to cover yourself financially. Motherload offers 3rd party shipping insurance to protect your vehicle from signature to signature.

Have the Paperwork in Order

Don’t risk missing the next shipment and have all this information ready beforehand:

  • Original title
  • Copy of the bill of sale
  • Copy of your passport

If you need additional help Motherload has a team of professionals available to help.

Tip: Always check transporters references and their authority. Just as you would want your vehicle to be fully insured you will also want any transporter taking care of the shipping for you to be insured and bonded.

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