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Taking a motorcycle trip doesn’t always mean hopping on the motorcycle, revving the engine, and hitting the road. Sometimes motorbike enthusiasts need to transport their motorcycles to another destination for a trip, a move or part of a sale. Without the proper equipment, motorcycle transport can be difficult and even dangerous. However, when the necessary steps are taken, transporting a motorcycle from one place to another can actually be a very streamlined experience. Also, use the following guide to be aware of what you need to know when choosing a motorcycle hauler.

Before getting started, it’s important to be sure that you have an adequate motorcycle trailer for the job. While some people can get away with using generic trailers, it is highly recommended that you use a trailer built specifically for hauling a motorcycle. These trailers are ideally suited to transporting motorcycles and will ease the process. Fortunately, they tend to be affordable as well. If you don’t have a motorcycle trailer, consider buying one built specifically for the task at hand.

motherload motorcycle shippingOnce you have your trailer set and ready to go (always ensure that it is in good working order), it’s time to secure the motorcycle. This is the most important part of the process, because if the bike is not well secured it can come loose and even fall off the trailer, which can not only wreck your bike but can cause severe injury to nearby drivers. Position your ride so that its center of gravity is directly in the middle of the trailer (which will ensure the smoothest tow), and use tie-downs to safely secure the bike. A properly secured bike should not budge when shaken, and its tires should show a bit of pressure.

When considering how many tie-downs to use, many people feel that two up front and two in the back is enough. However, it’s always a good idea to take the necessary extra steps that will keep your vehicle safe and sturdy. To err on the side of caution, use no fewer than six ratcheted tie-downs to secure your motorcycle. Ideally, the motorcycle will be completely steady on the trailer. If this requires more than the normal number of tie-downs, use more. When locking down your ride for motorcycle transport, always start at the front, moving towards the back.

Once your bike is properly locked down on the trailer, you’re ready to hit the road. The most important thing to remember during motorcycle transport is that you are hauling a heavy item behind you, which will have an immediate and fairly drastic effect on how your vehicle drives. To get used to the different conditions, drive around a parking lot with your load attached to your vehicle first so you know how it feels before jumping right onto the highway. When it comes time to make the trip, drive slowly yet steadily, and always keep an eye on the trailer behind you.

Also, for you ATV enthusiasts, all the procedure above applies to ATV transport as well.

Motherload is another tool to use when transporting a motorcycle. Put your move up for bid and find haulers who will offer their best price and service.


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