shipper tips on motherload

My driver doesn’t have feedback. Is that a problem?

Motherload drivers have to start somewhere and this includes no feedback. 

Having no feedback shouldn’t be an issue in the least.

If a driver doesn’t have much feedback, they may be new to Motherload. You can always ask for other details provided on their profile page to assure that they’re the best transporter for your shipment.

Since many shippers do hesitate to book a driver that doesn’t have much experience, drivers are often offer their services at a reduced cost and bidding lower (drivers cannot see other transporters bids).

Once the driver delivers your shipment safely and swiftly, please try to find the time to rate them through feedback. Rating and reviewing a driver is the easiest way to show your appreciation of the service they provided shipping for you.

While we encourage all our customers to provide feedback after their shipment is delivered, not everyone has the time to leave a detailed review. If you fail to review, the transporter will receive an automatic 5 star rating