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Pet shippers: How to register with the USDA

The Animal Welfare Act sets the federal standard for the care and treatment of animals in research, exhibition, and transport. Enforced by the USDA/APHIS, the act requires animal transporters to register so that their customers are guaranteed the mandatory quality of service.

If you intend to transport pets but have not yet registered with the USDA, this article will walk you through the steps you should take. The process is free of charge and fairly straightforward, bringing tangible benefits. Just as a recent example, USDA-registered transporters on Motherload are shown to win their bids 26% more frequently than unregistered ones.

If you’re interested in building trust and inspiring confidence in customers, here’s what you should do to register with the USDA. We’ve streamlined the process as much as possible, so you can now send in your info in just a couple of minutes! Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial.

Step One: Fill out the application form

Click here to access the application form for registering with the USDA as a class T animal transporter. for cats and dogs.

Once you’re done, scan or save document to send to the USDA.

Step Two: Send in the application form

Next, email the signed document to Make sure to enter the following subject line: “USDA Registration application – Class T – Carrier”.

And now all you have to do is wait. A physical copy of your USDA certificate should arrive in the mail within a few weeks.

Step Three: Promote your new certificate

Once you get your certificate in the mail, you’ll be an officially registered animal transporter. All that remains is to notify your shippers that you bid with that you are licensed by the USDA to legally transport animals.

See the video tutorial from Citizenshipper below for a video of a similar process.

For more detailed information on the Animal Welfare Act, see USDA’s Blue Book collection. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team.